Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the Valley Today - Vote NO on Big Government

Vote FOR Myrl Thompson, and AGAINST the GOP Teabaggers.

Vote "No" on Proposition One:

We can not afford a "Strong Mayor". We simply do not elect politicians because we think they will be great managers! No one can tell a Strong Mayor how to do the job. No one can fire a Strong Mayor until the next election. A Strong Mayor's poor decisions or failures to act are hard to fix. Even the Frontiersman got this one right. Check out their 9/25 editorial urging a "no" vote.

Is it any wonder the Conservative Patriots Group had this measure placed on our ballot? The former Mayors of Houston and Wasilla, as well as the current Mayor of Anchorage are classic examples of how too much power can seduce, corrupt or overwhelm politicians.

This year the Kenai Borough Assembly is asking Kenai Borough voters to repeal Kenai's Strong Mayor form of government because they've decided it is too big a job for an elected politician.

Government is more accountable when the Borough Assembly sets performance benchmarks for its Manager and then makes sure the Manager performs to expectations. If the Manager does not perform, the Assembly replaces the Manager. We need the checks and balances provided by our Borough Manager form of government. Please vote "No" and ask your friends to vote "No" too.

Yes on the two School Bonds:

Help keep our next generation of citizens in school. Safe and sound school buildings and athletic facilities are important tools in our campaign to raise well informed, healthy citizens.

No on Proposition 5:

While the State's rules for conflict of interest and financial disclosure need to be streamlined, we should not exempt our Borough officials from those State rules until we have had an opportunity to review what the Borough will substitute in place of the State rules.

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