Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"I Can See Checkpoint Charlie from My House" - Joe Miller

The national media is finally catching on to the import of Joe the Teabagger's statement last Sunday, "If East Germany could, we could." The most fun is catching comments at right-wing or conservative blogs that are dealing with the ramifications of Miller's seeming endorsement of the methods of a totalitarian state to solve American problems. Here's a sampling:

Doesn’t this type of comment just scare the pants off everyone? Here’s a guy that doesn’t even know basic European/world history.

This is where Megan McCain is absolutely correct. Any boobus will do…. there used to be a time when running for the U.S. Senate was considered a honorable aspiration requiring great skill, oratory and knowledge. Gone…. ! I think I would much prefer a litmus test for American history and World History knowledge than a litmus test about how “Christian’ a candidate is.

And to think his potential vote could send young men off to war again. Gives me the creeps.


I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. No wonder this moron needs security guards to prevent journalists from getting near him.


I can see Checkpoint Charlie from my house!

Does anyone have a complete list of all the candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin this year? I’d like to see if any one of them has NOT turned out to be an utter moron.

Those are from Frum Forum. Here's from the article at The Washington Independent:

I'm sure the United States could hire Russian mercs already well trained in keeping people in. They'd need that. OBL would see the destruction of our freedom and correctly declare victory. Since no one in his right mind would try to get into the country and al Qaeda would be concentrating on Tibet.

hat tip - OMG @ The Mudflats


Mark said...

Ol' "Koch-n-Cake" demonstrated his vast grasp of international affairs a few months ago in Bethel when he was trying to talk abot Afghanistan.
I guess West Point is Pass/Fail, too.


Mark Springer

Anonymous said...

Ms. McCain is correct.

I want to hear debate. I want to hear clear answers and those waffeling answers from questions posed by people.
It ain't happening now a days.

Scott's focus on the issues by discussing them WITH dialog of potiental solutions has gotten the ear of my republican spouse.

We debate issues in this household. The hubby and I enjoy our little debates. The kids can't call it arguing. And I get rather giddy when a kid inserts a fact into our debates.

But when the youngest "fact inserter" laughed and said "so Joe can see Checkpoint Charlie from his underbite"... The hubby and I shut up. We were too proud to debate anyfurther.

Still Proud