Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Day of Real Gardening

The ground in the garden is starting to harden up. Here are the last small loads of carrots and potatoes. The carrots are stored in sand. Here's last years's post on the process. Last year, early October was much warmer.

Below, a clump of Johnny-Jump-Ups:

Pea and Sweet pea flowers, still blooming:

Sugar snap pea flowers, still blooming, still producing small peas, most of which will become moose food, when they pass through in early November:


badgervan said...

Good fishing in that stream/river in the background?

badgervan said...

I've noticed that Mercede Johnson hasn't posted for 3 weeks now... any inside info on why not? Readers were getting some facts about the Palins from the horse's mouth for awhile, but maybe she got scared off?

Philip Munger said...


We catch Rainbow trout up to 21 inches long in the lake.

Steve said...

I don't like being gone this time of year. I miss this change from summer to fall to winter. Be back in a few days.