Friday, October 22, 2010

Democrats and Non-Aligned Voters Still Thinking Lisa Will Be Cool? Forget It

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R - Thanks, Dad!) announced today that she will caucus with the GOP, should she somehow beat Scott McAdams on November 2nd:

A spokesman for Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she will "absolutely" caucus with Republicans if she's re-elected.

She's running her write-in campaign as a Republican. And spokesman Steve Wackowski says she fully plans to caucus with Republicans if she wins.

He says she won't change caucuses, adding, "That's just not who she is."
I knew that. Other Alaska voters should also be aware of this. If Murkowski is returned to the U.S. Senate on November 2nd, she will swing even further to the right than she has over the past two years.

But the fact that she has no intention of working across the aisle in 2011 or on down the road, didn't keep her campaign from sending out - to us among thousands of others - a flyer that proclaimed:

Alaska Democrats Who Are Voting for Lisa Murkowski
- and Not Scott McAdams

Here's the article about this in the Anchorage Daily News:

Below that header appear to be Murkowski testimonials from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ethan Berkowitz, former candidate Bob Poe, among others, and positive comments from U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, in The Oregonian.

The Democratic Party says the mailer "shows an especially stunning disregard for the truth."

Murkowski campaign manager Kevin Sweeney said it was the campaign's fault in last-minute changes to the flier. He says the headline should have read: "What Alaskan Democrats are saying about Lisa Murkowski." He says the campaign called Berkowitz and McAdams offices to apologize, and Murkowski called Berkowitz personally.
She should have personally apologized to Scott too. And Bob is probably moving to Calgary.

Show Lisa what you think about typical GOP dirty tricks by donating a little bit (or a little bit more) to Scott, and to Ethan and Diane.

The Mudflats has more detail on the mailer.


Anonymous said...

I cleaned bird cages today 2 cockateils and a parrot, I really enjoyed putting both murkowski and miller mailers in the bottom of the cages.

Anonymous said...

Please note the Daily News headline on their website "Democrats Upset over Murkowski Mailer". Typical. The news is NOT that the Democrats are upset. The news is that Murkowski sent out a blatantly dishonest flyer. The Daily News used to be a good newspaper.

Anonymous said...

lining a bird cage is not qualitative or quantifiable activism

AKjah said...

Mistake my ass. Corrupt fuckin%^#@#^&()

Anonymous said...

I lost the last shred of respect I had for Lisa today. There's no way this was an oversight. She's really willing to get down and dirty to hold onto her seat, isn't she? I find it very unseemly.


Anonymous said...

You find it "unseemly"? I find it fricking dishonest to the point of being craven and desperate. Scott McAdams is a breath of fresh air compared to the Murkowski and Miller dog turds.

majii said...

I've seen the republicans lie, lie, and lie again since I cast my first vote in a national election in 1972. They have always lied to win because they are weak when it comes to making policy decisions that move the entire nation forward, and not only Big Oil and Big Business. As a retired social studies teacher, I see a major problem in American voters as being their lack of understanding of the way our government operates, a failure to study and learn U.S. History, world history, and economics. European voters are much better educated and therefore, are better able to understand the issues before casting their votes for a particular candidate.

Although Americans say they value education, it's difficult to see this when I watch them follow certain politicians who don't know any more about America and the world than they do. I read an article at Alternet a few months ago that addresses the issue of why so many vote against their own interests by voting for republicans. The author pointed out that it's because many who vote for "conservatives" either are not high school graduates, just barely graduated from high school, don't understand the issues, and have a desire to have someone else make their decisions for them. This was not the most discouraging information revealed in the article. The most devastating and discouraging information is that the situation is getting worse, and we will have more un/undereducated individuals voting in the future.

The republicans have seen this trend and are exploiting this lack of education among the American populace to convince these voters that they have the solutions to our problems, when, in reality, they don't have a clue how to solve them, and they could care less about anyone in America besides the corporatists.

All any sentient person has to do is look at the most influential people in the Republican Party to see this unfolding before our eyes. We have Palin who barely graduated from college and knows nothing about anything speaking with faux authority on every subject. Then we have the College Dropout Brigade of Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity who have some of the biggest platforms in the country from which to influence voters. The anti-intellectual movement from the conservative side of the fence is no mistake. It's a well-coordinated attempt to make those of us who know what is going on appear to be "out of touch with the average American."

Anonymous said...

7:42- well said.

This mailer is a disgrace, but it may be something a little worse. Is it the product of incompetence and bungling under pressure? Only if they've been in the MTF.

No mention of Atwater, Rove and ratfuc*ers. I will do so. This word is rather blunt but no other is appropriate to use when discussing certain Repub political lies.

Off the topic of the mailer-

I have been wondering whether Joe is a secret ratfuc*er, because an accomplished ratfuc*er is a secret ratfuc*er. Certain historical events make one wonder.

Back to what 7:42 says and one does wonder if a Repub figure in Alaska(or any where else) such as Palin can rise to power without a ratfuc*ker in the vicinity.

Any competent ratfuc*er is drawn to a Repub demagogue on the rise like a fly is drawn to sh*t.

Back to the mailer-

Many politicians tell lies. There are the standard lies about positions, who they really work for, and what the political opponents are doing. Then there are the lies created by the ratfuc*ers. There are some features that distinguish these lies from the standard lies.

This mailer smells like a ratfuc*er at work. The truly dirty lies in this campaign are being told in certain churches and off the radar meetups. Perhaps they may start to leak out now.

Joe may not be talking to the press- but he and his campaign are talking to the susceptible and gullible. What are they saying?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:39, I was just trying to be kind when I said "unseemly." It's called "understatement." I think Lisa's action here was a despicable and flagrant attempt to subvert the election process, and for her to try to say it was a "mistake" is just flat-out lying.


Kevin said...

Since this was a "mailer," the Murkowski campaign, or their contractor, has the mailing list. Are they going to send a correction and apology to everyone on the list? Seems like the ethical thing to do. Doesn't "taking responsibility" mean doing what you can to repair the damage you caused?

I know that expectation is unrealistic. At least she understood an apology was in order, unlike Miller, who I don't think has apologized for anything.

Anonymous said...

this flyer is depressing. i dont know what murkowski's camp is thinking saying these are votes for murkowski, but reading the quotes is writing on the wall that concerns me. these "democrats" who go on about how great lisa murkowski is fail to recognize that they are legitimizing lisa murkowski in the eyes of democrats in the state. i remain supportive of mcadams but i've talked to several of my friends this week who are considering voting for murkowski. we have no chance of electing mcadams at this rate.