Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day Three - Alaska Press Calls Joe a "Pussy," Former Fairbanks Mayor Calls Joe a Liar - Updated

I. In the first of many stories coming out this week that will end up leaving the Joe Miller U.S. Senate campaign a smoldering wreck, after it augurs into the ground by late Friday, ex-Fairbanks Mayor, Republican Jim Whitaker seems to be calling Joe the Teabagger a liar:

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller was nearly fired from his job as a borough attorney in 2008 after using borough computers in an attempt to oust the chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska, former borough Mayor Jim Whitaker said Wednesday.

Whitaker said Miller’s actions violated the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s ethics policy but did not result in a termination because the borough needed Miller to continue working on its lawsuit about how much to tax the trans-Alaska pipeline

Miller eventually resigned from borough employment on Sept. 1, 2009.
“I’m speaking now because this occurred on my watch as mayor, because I know the truth, and because I have an obligation to tell the truth,” Whitaker said in an interview with the Daily News-Miner.

He said that, as a former mayor, he would prefer not to be involved in “the political melee.”
“I also felt it was appropriate to give Mr. Miller enough time to come forward himself,” Whitaker said. “It’s clear with his statements of the other day, he’s not going to do that.

Referring to the truth as innuendo and lies is not truthful.”
Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto refused to comment on Whitaker’s allegations. “We're not going to comment further on this, but the campaign released records this past July conclusively demonstrating that Joe was not fired, but resigned, on his own accord, in September of 2009,” DeSoto said in an e-mail.

Miller may have sort of quit, but Whitaker's characterization of what Miller did is at odds with Miller's protestations of not having done anything wrong in that job. Miller's characterization of people trying to get to the truth of this matter as lawbreakers, and as "attacking him personally," is simply untruthful.

II. Dennis Zaki's videos of Miller's non-press conference and, now, of Miller scampering around, on his way to be interviewed by FOX News' Greta van Susteren are fascinating. Jesse Griffin is right that :

It is fairly obvious that Joe Miller has never, and will never, care about issues in Alaska. He is running a national campaign, along with the other Teabagger candidates, to try and stop President Obama and hopefully make an opening big enough for Sarah Palin to drag all of her baggage through so that she will be a viable candidate in 2012. Sarah instructed Christine O'Donnell to "speak through Fox News" and clearly she has given the same instruction to her butt-boy Joe Miller.

After his time with Greta, Miller went over to kiss the Alaska press goodbye off until after November 2nd. After the conclusion, Dennis managed to get a reporter or two, as the epithet "Pussy!" was heard.
Here's Dennis' video:

Update: The nub of this is that Miller hacked his co-workers' computers to hijack them to submit false votes for himself in an election.

I'll repeat:

Miller hacked his co-workers' computers to hijack them, to submit false votes for himself in an election.

How can you spin this any other way?

Two good, new articles up on this:

Wickersham's Conscience

The Alaska Dispatch


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out who's a bigger liar, Miller or Palin?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference?

That's the question they should both be asked.

If anyone can answer it would be them.

It is interesting to think how truthful they would be.

Anonymous said...

He is already turning into a Frank Murkowski with his arrogance and refusal to speak to people! This would be funny if he wasn't hoping to dupe everyone for a US Senate seat. He couldn't make it in Kansas so he came to Alaska.

majii said...

I'm glad the people of AK found these things out about Miller before he ended up in the Senate where he could help Murkowski do more damage to AK and this country. This type of vetting should have been going on in every election. It is even more important now since the rw members of the SCOTUS have put American democracy up for sale to the highest corporate bidder.

Warren J. said...

Please O please don't call Joe Joe the Hobo Miller a Pussy. That is all we real men shake in our boot for. And it sure not the wag of the big dog,Mrs Sarah the Ter-ra. Ain't that right? WWW

Anonymous said...

I just saw where C4 p put up a story alleging drug abuse by Murkowski written by that Dan Riehl who is friends with that RS Mccain who interviewed Todd Palin to counter the Miller story. The Riehl commenters say they are posting the story to newspapers and blogs in Alaska.

My point --They come out with a story like this because Miller is being questioned and I can't help but think they get info from the Palins or are cued by the Palins. No matter what disclaimers C 4 p posts, I think Palin has a direct line to them--everstretching tentacles. Does anyone else think this?

Anonymous said...

Majii: he can still get elected. Don't put it past the state as a whole. With a 3 way race, anything can happen and three candidates are praying that it will.

AKRNC said...

Anonymous @8:24 P.M., there's no doubt Palin has a direct line to C4P. Her ghostwriter for Facebook and Twitter, Rebecca Mansour, started C4P before she went to work for Palin. The story they are printing is obviously a lie. Their justification is that everything about Miller being printed isn't true, according to C4P, so they can print what they want about Murkowski.
However, unless they have something concrete, it's slander. When it comes to Miller, the things that have been said about him whether it's unemployment, farm subsidies or child care, they have all be true.

Palin was just caught in another lie by Palingates regarding her travel to DWTS. It was a totally unnecessary lie which is far more frightening than someone who only lies when threatened. The lies trip so easily from Palin's mouth that she actually believes them. However, she tells so may, she can't keep them straight.

Anonymous said...

I am really worried Joe's line in the sand regarding talking about his past does not make a lick of difference to the people who are intent to vote for him. I think 25-35 percent of voting people have mad up their minds to vote for MIller. They always tune in to Fox News and nothing has changed for them. Fox derides the mainstream media and the people who watch think they are watching fair and balanced news. Joe is just their candidate no matter what. In response to any negative but real issue; ie, his poor handling of personal finances he simply responds with a pretty lame "I am just like you" he appeals to the basest of human nature. It also sounds like born-again testimony: "We all sin, but I am saved and trying to mend my ways ..." We libs just don't hear the same whistle. His base does hear this and they respond.

Kevin said...

Anon, I'm not "born again" (once was enough, thank you), but for those who are, forgiving past sin and overlooking present hypocrisy and cover-up are two very different things. They may hear the "dog-whistles" and recognize them, but they aren't dogs, they're people, and will see the truth when it's put in front of them.

Miller's saying "I'm like you," when caught trying to conceal his dishonesty, was exactly the wrong thing to say. It's the difference between saying, "I'm [a forgiven sinner] like you," and "I'm [a cheat caught in a cover-up] like you."