Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day Seven - Joe's Dad - "My Son's a Felon"

He didn't quite say it that way. And as Wickersham's Conscience notes, Joe's dad's word, passed from GOP blog to GOP email, is hearsay.

However - I do love how my favorite new Alaska blog's observations cut to the chase:

Here’s the money quote:

“One noon hour, on his own time at the borough, Joe participated in an online poll voting against Randy,” Rostad wrote in the e-mail, recounting the Thursday morning conversation he said he had with Rex Miller. “He used four office computers in the office to do it, thinking this was his chance to boost numbers to get rid of Randy. He emptied the cache files on the computers so the users wouldn’t know what he had done.”

WC is glad that Miller committed his felonies on his lunch hour and not on the Borough clock. However, it’s irrelevant to the real issue. Note that Joe Miller wiped the computers’ cache files afterwards. That’s the one of the places where a computer user leaves “digital fingerprints” of what he or she has done. (Not the only one, Joe.) And that’s very good evidence that Miller knew what he was doing was wrong. He was attempting to conceal the fact a crime had taken place. He was trying to wipe the fingerprints off of the crime scene. That’s certainly evidence he knew he’d done something criminal. Oh,and that’s a separate crime, by the way. Tampering with Evidence, AS 11.56.610, and possibly Tampering with a Public Record, AS 11.56.820.

I read WC's post three times this afternoon and evening. In a way, it is profound: "Wipe the fingerprints off the crime scene."

That's what Alaska's GOP has been trying to do for the past four years, or longer. And because so many Alaskans seem to blindly vote for Republicans, and because they have a 60,000 voter base of people who would vote for a Jeffrey Dahmer, should Dahmer be a GOP anti-abortion nominee running against a pro-choice Democrat, Miller will have creds on November 2nd, no matter what - we need to keep ratcheting this up.

All of us. 24/7.

Scott is going to win, if we go beyond pushing as we are, and get into pushing much, much harder.

Joe Miller is a multiple-count felon, waiting to be indicted.

ps - Lisa Murkowski cannot win.

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