Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day 12: Whitaker Comes Out More; Joe Flees When Asked About VA Disability

Ex-Fairbanks Mayor Jim Whitaker:

Whitaker said it appears Miller engaged in criminal use of a computer, a felony, and second-degree criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor, when Miller, then a part-time borough attorney, used computers of other employees in the borough’s legal office in a failed bid to oust state GOP chairman Randy Ruedrich.

“At issue is whether or not the law allows me to tell the truth without fear of punishment,” Whitaker said. “It is my opinion that it is probable that a crime was committed. It appears at least two laws were broken by Mr. Miller.”

As reported by Bill Scannell at Wonkette (hat tip to anonymous):

Alaskan Senate hopeful and semi-bearded teabagger Joe Miller literally ran away from a question about his disabled-veteran status during last night’s “Meet and Greet” session in Anchorage. In a roomful of 50 people — most supporters and well wishers — Miller was asked what to identify his service-connected disability and his official “percentage disabled.” Panic swept over Miller’s sweaty face.

Looking away from your correspondent, Miller yelped to no one in particular, “We’ve gotta go!” He then pointed to his wife and said, “Let’s move!”

The Millers hustled to the back of the vacant strip mall office next to the pizza place and surrounded themselves with campaign staffers.

This time, Miller’s phalanx of creepy skinheads dressed as Secret Service agents — last seen assaulting and restraining a local journalist — were nowhere around. Your correspondent was able to escape unscathed.


I'd like to see another report on how this went down. After his role in the creation of the fake Ethan Berkowitz web sites in late 2007 and early 2008, I'm wary of Bill, as I've told him since in one of our very enjoyable conversations. It isn't that I think Bill is making this up. It is that this is as serious a matter.

I've been saying and writing since late August, that Miller told me he wouldn't eliminate the VA, because he has a "serious disability." Over 60,000 1990-91 Gulf War are receiving disabilities that do not show up on their DD-214.


Anonymous said...

h/t anon here.
I checked the source- that's why all I did was quote.

He has submitted a number of on the scenes reports to Wonkette, some about the Miller campaign.

Might find something on the conservative blogs and so forth confirming this question being asked. Maybe even the response. They'd see it as insult to his patriotism. And be clueless about it also too.

Joe's campaign appearances will probably have to be stealthy now, since he can't use his 'security force' in public anymore.

This is already viral- wonkette= wide distribution and it is a true WTF item.

Really Bad for Joe. Probably worse than Hopfinger's arrest in terms of impact.

Philip Munger said...


I'm not so sure. Only one reporter called me after I reported his statement to me at the State Fair.

Anonymous said...

Phil, please write an article for ADN about you conversation with Joe Miller last summer re. military disability. A letter to the editor maybe?

Anonymous said...

I second that request, Philip. Please inform the wider electorate.

Anonymous said...

This last sentence:

"Over 60,000 1990-91 Gulf War are receiving disabilities that do not show up on their DD-214."

Please, would someone explain what this means? Including what a DD-214 is?

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Wonkette is different.

Completely different.

Just checked the stats at wonkette for this item.

90 Comments, 74 retweets, 6852 views.

Only two posts in the last three days had more views. One discussing a Slate article about the Colbert rally being bad for democracy, and the Clarence Thomas Wife message to Anita Hill.

But the Joe Miller post today has been up only for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

Well I rest my case due to the number of comments and questions you are already getting.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I've obsessed about that part in your post on the fair where Miller told you he was 'severely' disabled.

I thought he'd expound on it in his narrative with a Palin flair.

You only got ONE call from reporters about it?! ONE?

I jumped for joy when I read Bill's post on Wonkette (yes Anon @ 2:36 - that site is different, be forewarned, it is a no-holds-barred snark environment) and saw that someone asked about his disability status.

His response, or lack of, speaks volumes.

MSM, there is more blood in the water with healthy chunks of chum - go get him!

And thanks Phil, for making that sign that caught his aides eye and infuriated Joe enough to come confront you.

Philip Munger said...

I think he said "seriously disabled," not ""severely disabled," but not 100% sure.

Mwa! said...

Is he living a fantasy of being in an action movie?

I wonder if all this stress has activated some PTSD.

Does the press feel like he is conditioning them to act a certain way?

Anonymous said...

Phil re: Seriously or Severely. . .

Potato, Patato

Either way, he opened the door. . .

Anonymous said...

DD214 is a person's discharge/separation papers that can be used to prove service and apply for veteran's benefits. when someone gets around to FOIA'ing Miller's military records, the govt says to expedite, they don't give you a complete record with a standard request. You have to specifically request the details including a medical record.
Here's what they say they include in a first request:
I think this guy stands a very good chance of getting elected if he is not forced to withdraw, even with all this deathwatch stuff, his campaign isn't dead if his name is on the ballot. Based on what we've seen of him, anyone think he can be forced to withdraw? If he gets elected, the US Senate and the entire country is going to be stuck dealing with him. If he wins, the only way to get rid of him is going to be to impeach him.

Anonymous said...

The DD214 is from the active Mil.
Vet would then go to VA and apply for disability rating.
Even if he got 30% from active Mil, this would not show up on his DD214.
It would show up on 'orders' tho.
Orders of discharge; the papers worked up before the DD214 is issued. Like say, he was put on TDRL; temp duty retirement list. Next after 10yrs would be PDRL; permanent duty ret list.
PDRL comes only after vet is permanently discharged with a VA rating.

Anonymous said...

Just checked at wonkette.

Counter now shows 11,769 views. Less than 24 hours after posting. Probably already more views than any other post there this week.

Anonymous said...

Edit PDRL comes only after vet is permanently discharged with a VA rating.
October 23, 2010 9:00 AM :

Meant to write: PDRL comes after vet is permanently RETIRED from service by the VA and orders are thusly issued by the MIL.
Like transfer orders; PCS-permanent change of station; PDS -permanent duty station.

Anonymous said...

....oh I see, if you leave a comment which calls attention to what may be hypocritical behavior here it will be summarily excised.

Must be tough living in such thin skin....

Great Hammond's Ghost said...

There's a followup over at Wonkette
that contains a link over to Joe's ADN candidate questionnaire. In it he describes himself as a "service-connected veteran". So there is is, hidden in plain sight and in his own words, that Joe Miller is a service-connected disabled vet.