Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Get the "Who You Gonna Vote For?" Question Popped to Me - Twice

Tuesday, while shopping at a computer store, and during a rehearsal break, I got asked pretty much the same question by friends. I suppose a lot of readers here who live in Alaska have been asked the same question, or will be asked soon:
Q: "Who you gonna vote for?"

A: For what?

Q: In the Senate race.

A: You know the answer to that - Scott.

Q: But what if McAdams isn't even in the picture and it's really close between Miller and Murkowski?

A: The last polls will show Joe dropping a lot.

Q: What if they don't? What if Joe ends up winning by one vote?

A: I can't vote for Lisa Murkowski, and Joe Miller should be indicted. Scott gets my vote.
I suppose somebody else will be popping me the question.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

Ok, Phil... I'll bite: who are you voting for?

Let's just say that I'm McVoting this year!

Philip Munger said...

Scott gets my vote. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have had that same conversation - and I tell them if you, except the person will tell me that they "would vote for Scott, but they think it is a lost vote" - so I tell them if everyone who told me that would vote for Scott, it would be a blow out!

jamie said...

I've found sporting a McAdams button (first time for any candidate I've worn one) pre-empts the question.

If Murkowski is mentioned I ask if they are a liberal, progressive or Democrat, and if so, why would they vote Republican? Her record and her positions on issues speaks for itself.

jamie said...

And it's always a great opportunity to educate folks about Diane Benson's candidacy, and other races, which are getting overshadowed.

Anonymous said...

If they ask me I say: NOT Joe Murkowski or Lisa Miller

Anonymous said...

Just FYI: Palin to rally for Miller this Thursday

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 7:46,

Miller will be introduced by Palin, who will be introduced by Eddie Burke.

Can't wait for the video of THAT sequence.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wouldn't it be great if Rachel Maddow could broadcast it live?

Sarah Palin is nothing like me! said...

You just like saying that Scott gets your vote! I like saying that, too. It felt good this year, I voted all D except for my district where there was no D. It was my first time since marrying my very conservative husband...

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly as you do.

Lisa lost my vote for joining the 'do nothing republicans' this year.

Miller needs to go to jail.

Scott gets my vote because it is the correct thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Went to a bar the other night and all of the people but one (murkowski fear voter) is voting for Scott McAdams.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, it's thrilling to have a real candidate in this race, not Theresa Obermeyer (bless her soul) or any other place-filler. Scott's had my vote all along.


clark said...

mc adams all the way!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of writing in Scott McAdams.
Before I learned that we have to formally file as a write-in candidate.
So, I'll just be McVoting.

Note: This was purely an attempt to be clever. Do not write in Scott McAdams. Vote for him appropriately.

In the meantime for campaign fatigue relief, visit Callan's website and blog. Callan support Scott McAdams. And she knows Bob Poe, too.
Please link her website and blog.

Anonymous said...

Scott McAdams is the only way to go. McVoting this Friday.