Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miller's Press Release on the Assault on Hopfinger - Sent from East Berlin

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Anonymous said...

"Everything went smooth until Joe left through the door near the stage - and preceded to walk down the hall to leave the building - now enter Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger getting in Joe Miller's face - and when I say getting in Joe Miller's face - I mean to the point of harassing Joe and impeding him from leaving the facility and having to turn around and leave the other direction."

Anonymous said...

William Fulton, Drop Zone Security, Spenard, owner of the military surplus store by the same name. He's an activist and party to civil suits against government.

Here's some on-line reviews about the store:
"Great for the jackbooted thug or if you need jackbooted thugs for rallies. Not professional and overpriced. Staffed by wannabes that would piss themselves in a real firefight!! Shop elsewhere if you don't like fluff."

"The sign on the door said enough for me, and nearly wanted to make me leave right then and there. Flat out said if you were there to look around, you just needed to go the F... somewhere else because they weren't a museum. Anti-government signs abound in and out. Inside, it's dark and very tight and nothing seems to have prices on it. It's just thrown on a shelf somewhere. I was there looking for some equipment (im in the military) and had my two boys with me. I couldn't even get the young guy working that day to acknowledge me. I will say they had more stuff then some of the other surplus stores in town, but there is no need to be so anti consumer and government like that. It just makes me not want to shop there regardless of my views on the current government. I came to shop and spend money, not dig around in the dark being ignored and feel like I was at some anti-government rally."

The motto of one of his employees: "It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you."
A Marine, doubles as a bouncer at a strip club.

Anonymous said...

Since most Joe Miller followers appear to carry weapons, it would seem that Joe would be well protected from any potential threats to his person at a Joe Miller Town Meeting.

Myself, I think the security guards were Joe's attempt to make people think that he's already being covered by the Secret Service. Do Senators get Secret Service coverage? If not, then I'm sure that once Joe gets in office he'll remedy that situation. Oh wait, that would cost the taxpayers more money wouldn't it? But this is JOE MILLER. He and his eight kids actually NEED Secret Service Protection (Though it would of course be more acceptable to Joe if the Secret Service was provided by the State of Alaska instead of the Feds. I mean, that means that it's practically free, doesn't it?).

You can't make this stuff up, it just gets better and better! bt