Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race, Palin Invoked by Sestak

Democratic Party Rep. Joe Sestak, a former U.S. Navy Admiral, is seeking to take outgoing Sen. Arlen Spector's seat in a hot race. The GOP nominee is a Joe Miller-esque wannabee high mucky muck, Teabagger Pat Toomey. In this ad, Sestak invokes Palin, almost like one might hold up a cross or wave garlic to ward off a vampire:


Anonymous said...

The ad made me laugh.

Super Sarah's endorsement is kryptonite to the GOP. Unknowingly, she fights for good. With her superhuman contemptuousness, she's able to defeat her Tea Party candidates wherever they might appear.

Anonymous said...

Great ad! Hope more people "invoke" Twitler.

Anonymous said...

I've watched this ad a couple of times, laughing hysterically. An excellent way to say who he is without having to explain it all. A Sarah endorsement is like cement shoes here. He's toast.

majii said...

I agree with the fact that Palin is kryptonite to GOP candidates running for Congress. She came to GA, stumped for Handel, Handel lost the run-off election to the scandal plagued Nathan Deal, and Handel ended up thousands of dollars in debt from paying to rent a private jet and pay for hotel accommodations at the Intercontinental Hotel, one of our state's finest hotels in metropolitan Atlanta. Handel did not attend the GOP Unity Luncheon the day after losing the run-off, and so far, has not endorsed Deal.

I began to notice a few months ago that Palin had lost some of her pull among conservatives in the state when a faith-based event that was held in Gwinnett County did not sell enough tickets to fill the auditorium that was chosen to host the event. I haven't heard whether the church that invited Palin to speak made any money or not, but my guess is that it didn't after meeting Palin's requirements for a private jet and top notch hotel accommodations.