Sunday, October 31, 2010

FAUX Reporter Undercuts Palin's Lie re KTVA and Liar/Racist Breitbart

Raw Story has the story. I can't get their video to embed here:
Sarah Palin went to war against an Alaska affiliate of CBS on Sunday, but she got little back-up in her struggle from her employer, Fox News.

Fox reporter Dan Springer says he could find no evidence of bias against Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller by CBS affiliate KTVA.

Palin surprised Fox's Chris Wallace Sunday with the claim that reporters from the CBS news affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, had conspired to create negative news stories about Miller.
--- snip ---
On Fox`s America Live later Sunday, Dan Springer reported he could find no evidence to back up Palin's concern that KTVA is running a smear job against Miller.

"We actually had some of our staffers look at some of the more recent articles and stories that KTVA has done to see if there was any obvious bias or hit pieces against Joe Miller and we couldn't find that. We could not see any obvious signs of bias or hit pieces don by KTVA against Joe Miller," Springer said.

KTVA general manager Jerry Bever told Politico's Ben Smith Sunday that "while the recording is real, the allegations are untrue."

"The Miller campaign's analysis of the recording is incorrect in many material ways ranging from personnel involved in the conversation, the interpretation of conversation snippets and the reported transcript of the perceived garbled conversation," Bever said.

That prompted Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent to wonder if Palin had fallen for yet another Andrew Breitbart-led instance of misleading journalism.

"Is another Andrew Breitbart Web site production about to be unmasked as bogus?"
he asked.


OldSarg said...

So. . .you're the ONLY site in the whole world that can't embed the video??? Wow. . .must be the server.

Anonymous said...


This is a big deal... FOX News is not able to stand with Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has come out very strong on her allegation on this.

And, tomorrow this will be all over the news you say, and I bet they will not miss the fact that FOX News could not stand by this.

Also noticed that RCP does not have an article on this.

May be this situation is the reason why Michael Steele is all of a sudden lowering expectations.

Breitbart's name is gonna hit the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Fox News "cannot verify" claims that Fox News' Sarah Palin made on Fox News Sunday
(Media Matters, 10/31/10 2:15pm)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that CBS is Katie Couric...Palin was probably eager as always to include her in the defacing....

Anonymous said...

If Miller wins, will she be on a spree to hurt those who have not sided with her?

By how much will she exaggerate his win?

Anonymous said...

Funny how the employees of Fox News...the biggest biased news outlet owned and operated by the Republican Party...accuse everyone else of being biased.

Maybe they should watch their network once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Is Palin being thrown under Fox's bus?

Anonymous said...

Palin the Paranoid will say or do anything for a buck. She has no shame.

Northeast Elizabeth said...

Sorry, shitstains . . . the audiotape, authenticated by KTVA, proves that the reporters were conspiring to fabricate stories about child molesters and violence at Miller's rally. The station's claim that they were merely tossing about "what-ifs" regarding how "others" might try to smear Miller is contradicted by the tape.

Why not just post the entire transcript of the tape at your website and letter your readers decide? You could even provide your own analysis regarding why you believe KTVA's explanation to be more credible that everyone else's interpretation.