Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sarah Palin - Shameless Self-Promoter


AKPetMom said...

She's a terrible person; a half-term Governor that only showed up to work half the time in appointed location, Juneau.

When she decide to work at the job that the people elected her for, she did a majority of her partial term in a de facto gubernatorial office located in Anchorage.

For half of the time she should have been working in Anchorage she actually worked at home and charged the State a stipend for being a slacker and not even bothering to drive to her office in Anchorage.

So really, Mrs. Palin can't even be considered a nearly half-term Governor of Alaska, but a perhaps 10% present figurehead of the State of Alaska for about two years and 5 odd months.

She does not represent the Alaska that I know and love. She represents the underbelly of this great State; she and her family represent what's wrong with Alaska. Due to their ignorance and lack of education they make fat paychecks parodying the independence and personal fortitude that brought many of us North to the Future.

She's selling a meme that only those that have no ability to fact check buy into. She's selling an Alaska that many of us that live here do not recognize.

I hope that she takes her family and leaves this state; the sooner the better. Perhaps she can burden a lesser state with her interpretation of what it means to live there.

LadyinAK said...

AKPetMom- Thank you for expressing what many Alaskans see in Sarah Palin. Many of us have personally witnessed or been a part of her ineptitude (to put it mildly). We have come to know the real Sarah through experience and personal accounts, not hearsay.

America, wake up!

Anonymous said...

Just ask the clerks at Nordstroms. She was there the rest of the time. I am not kidding. Total slacker.

She was entirely out of her element as governor, the job asked too much of her limited skill set. We Alaskans are better off without her.

Unfortunately, she left Parnell in her wake. It is time for him to go too.

Anonymous said...

Sprint To The Finish. Like she knows anything about that!

Sprint to the Bank!

Sprint to the Bucks!

Sprint to the Store!

Sprint to the lawyer!

And stop only to see if everyone is still watching and donating.


Anonymous said...

I wish the rest of America would accept just how many Alaskans think she's worthless. We're not enthralled with her. We'd prefer if she just moved to another state or country.

nswfm said...

The rest of intelligent America doesn't want this toxic Palin waste, either. It's too bad she was ever elected to the Gov office. It's too bad she was able to get Miller in to the Senate race, and on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:29

Nordstroms? Really?

I had her pegged for Walmart.

AKRNC said...

I'm surprised to hear about the Nordstrom's comments, too. She wants to pretend she's the type of woman who uses consignment shops only and doesn't recognize labels. She sure blew that idea out of the water with her trips to Neiman Marcus and Saks during the campaign. She's still trying to put herself as the one fighting for the little guy, considering herself to be the same. LOL, sure she is! All of your average people in this country DEMAND to be flown via private jet and know which size they need depending on the distance they will be going.

Anonymous said...

Well anyone wondering about 'that woman' and Nordstroms-while not the only source-and I didn't see the exact shoe and color- Naughty Monkey shoes are available at Nordstroms.

Anonymous said...

Councilwoman I can see. Even Mayor of Wasilla, I can see.

She thought she should have gotten Frank's seat in the U.S. Senate. Laughable, but a clue to her unblinking ambition and sense of personal value.

Political appointment to the highest paid, technical position in the State? Not so funny, bullshit in fact, but not unheard of.

Quit that tough and boring job to generate political capital? People should have seen through it, but again, her looks covered up the obvious posturing and we had the CBC to deal with.

She did take advantage of public disgust over the good old boys, never appreciating that Sarah's been a product of forever and since.

She represents every characteristic an Ugly Alaskan / Ugly American has, she is the Tea Party.

It's hilarious that she was rolled out by the Establishment as Fit to Lead. Rejection stung (her glittering, tearful eyes at McCain's concession was priceless) but her rat-like brain sniffed out opportunity to exploit the lucrative niche of a politically and socially conservative market that delights in her brand.

You usually start out a kook and attempt to work your way to Mainstream acceptability through years of personal growth and maturity. George Wallace tried it, LOL, it didn't work. But you see what I mean? David Duke?

She's too lazy to work herself to a broader appeal. She's perfectly happy taking the riches of an aging, nostalgic demographic, and the indoctrinated youth from Bible and White Power Camps that thinks anyone outside their righteous gates are evil and unAmerican.

TLC plays a role in manipulating her image to appear softer (we'll see) and she won't "go away," but as a political threat as an electable figure? No. She'll just keep makin these speeches and keep fear alive.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:42.

Excellent comment! The best summation I have seen of Palin.