Sunday, October 10, 2010

Track, Sarah & Joe the Teabagger

When Sarah Palin's son, Track, went off to Iraq or Kuwait in 2008, Alaskans hoped and/or prayed for his safety. He came back, unlike thousands of others.

He came back whole, unlike Alaska Democratic Party Lt. Gov. candidate Diane Benson's son, Latseen.

Before Latseen's last deployment as an airborne trooper, Diane spoke at an anti-war rally at Anchorage's park strip Veterans' Memorial.

She didn't describe Latseen's accomplishments from his first tour. She expressed her worries as a mom, before her son was being dragooned back into George W. Bush's failing "mission accomplished" fiasco. Latseen was "stop-lossed" back to duty, even while his discharge was being processed.

Latseen's mom prayed for this war and its wasteful nature to end soon. The crowd was quiet.

Within 40 days, Latseen was severely injured near Baghdad. He wasn't expected to live, and the US Army flew Latseen's mom to Germany. What happened when she got back to the USA convinced her to run against Don Young for the US House in 2006.

Friday night, in San Diego California, Sarah Palin spoke about her Iraq-or-something veteran son, Track, before a few hundred ageing, retired admirals and their spouses, and to a few of her usual sycophants:

Palin said the “lamestream media just doesn’t get it and when they don’t believe what perhaps your message is so they want to belittle you and mock you and treat you with much disdain, you know, I think, well they can do that to me, that’s fine, because I know truth.” Palin added, “You know what, you can say whatever you want to say about me but I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me.

How different is this from what we know about Diane Benson and her relationship with her son?


Both Benson and Palin have invoked their kid or kids to demonstrate what they believe. I have never heard Diane Benson claim "I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me."

Not once.

What do we know about Track's year in Iraq or somewhere? Not much. It is good to see he is back in Alaska and keeping a low profile.


Anonymous said...

Once again we see that everything is about Sarah. Her son's combat experience is her glory not his.

Does Sarah ever visit Vet's hospitals that care for wounded and disabled Mideast Vets? She certainly is on the East Coast often enough to drop by Walter Reed and spend the day with other mother's damaged ad destroyed sons.

You would think between her Vet son and her dedication to the cause of disabled children that spending time nursing Vets would be her rallying cry and cloth of gold.

And if not why not.

Mona said...

Are you spelling Track Palin's name wrong intentionally?

Palin, Track CJ - 04/20/1989

Anonymous said...

I think Mona is asking the wrong question. This isn't a game of spelling. It's about Alaskas worst governor ever. A clown, a joke and a dignity disaster to mankind.

Anonymous said...

"I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me."

One, who wants to take it away from her? No one, as far as I know.

Two, why's it about her? As the mother of a son Track's age, I would be proud of my son for HIS accomplishment, not for mine of having simply birthed him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's simply proud of keeping the juvenile delinquent out of jail, after the young vandal endangered school children set to ride Mat-Su school district busses.

Anonymous said...

Was Track really ever in danger? And why was he deployed for only one year? It seems like a politically motivated move to have him go there in the first place. Now he keeps a low profile and his mom talks as though he is still fighting for our country in Iraq or Afghanistan. What a fraud. Other mother's of soldiers should be appalled by her behavior!

Anonymous said...

Seems like Track's enlistment time was about as long as Joe the Teabagger's, maybe even less.

Hopefully he's staying out of the type of trouble that forced him into the military (vs. jail) to begin with. How horrifying that he endangered the lives of little kids by cutting the brakes on Mat-Su school buses. Perhaps Bible Spice could address THAT issue next time she invokes her red badge of courage...

Anonymous said...

Sarah's kids are her props to use in any manner that she wants, just to elevate her own insatiable ego. She is thoroughly disgusting. Todd is no kind of man to constantly let her get away with it.

Anonymous said...

You are one weird, old fucked up guy, Phil. Did Palin tell you to take a walk when you tried rubbing up against her at some time when Judee wasn't looking? There was a point in time you backed Palin until the last election and then you went nuts. Suddenly though you go all out crazy and start ripping into her and using her kids to do it. What about your wide mouthed son and daughter? What do they do or who do they do or do they see how it works? Since you make yourself a public figure the spawn of your loins that Ju-dee popped out are fair game.
Does that piss you off Phil? It should.
And why should the Palin kid be blown up, would it make Benson's kid whole again? Like I said, you are weird and fucked up and for that matter so is Benson or she would not allow you to keep this posted. You are using a young man to attack another young man. Weird! Fucked up!

Jude said...

Track Palin's DD214 (discharge form)lists all his service ribbons, awards, etc. There isn't a single combat patch or award listed. The DD214 has been posted several times by people who obtained a copy under the Freedom of Information Act. He served honorably, and his other should be proud, but he's not a combat vet.