Monday, October 18, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day Eight - Meet Anchorage's Stasi

As the Joe Miller campaign's slow, agonizing, but increasingly entertaining death spiral begins its second week, the twin stories of his invoking East Germany as a model for U.S. security concerns, and his hiring of wannabe Rambos that are more like bozo the clown with Glocks, is dominating the Monday morning headlines, here and elsewhere.

I've only got time for a recap of the most important ones so far:

Gryph's initial report of the East Germany statement.

Steve Aufrecht's vimeo video:

My diary on this at Daily Kos

Bonsai66's diary at Daily Kos on Drop Zone Security

More later.

The Miller fiasco is the top story at memeorandum, the first time Miller has dominated national headlines. Well over 130 articles nationwide, and it's only 6:20 a.m. in Alaska, just about 13 hours after the kidnapping took place, on a sleepy Sunday afternoon.

The Anchorage senatorial debate at the Snow Goose is this evening. Here's the latest:

Despite being invited multiple times since late August, Republican Joe Miller declined to line up against Murkowski and McAdams at the Dispatch debate. The Alaska Dispatch is nothing if not flexible, though, and if Miller shows up Monday night he'll be welcomed to grab a stool from the bar so he can sit up on stage and tell Alaska voters what he thinks.


ginny said...

Alaska Dispatch website is down, giving this error message: "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL."

Philip Munger said...

they're crashing from overload.

Anonymous said...

Drop Zone cost their client a few votes last night. . . they can add this to their skill resume.

The true test of a man is not his use of force but his ability to not use force when he can. In this case, Tony was doing what reporters do, and he should have NEVER been handcuffed even if he was in the wrong.

Joe should stay away from DC as our representative. This kind of force scares the ---- out of me.

Anonymous said...

At immoralminority it is posted that Drop Zone Security Services business license for the State is expired since December of 2009.

If Miller's campaign hired an unlicensed security firm that's really stupid.

Unlicensed gun carrying?