Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day Nine: Miller Cancels Lower Kenai Trip

From the Homer News:

Republican Party candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller canceled a planned appearance today at the Anchor River Inn in Anchor Point. Miller will not visit the lower Kenai Peninsula today and will stay in Anchorage.

"We are very sorry we had to cancel this event," said Harmony Shields, Miller's scheduler.

Miller canceled his trip to deal with an incident that happened on Sunday in Anchorage, Shields said. She referred to a campaign appearance at Central Junior High School in Anchorage in which security guards from Drop Zone Security hired by Miller handcuffed and detained Alaska Dispatch editor and reporter Tony Hopfinger.

Jonni Roos of the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce said she also had received word that Miller would not be attending today. Shields said Miller might schedule another visit to the lower Kenai Peninsula, but could not confirm any dates at this time. Miller does have an event calendar on his Web site that lists public appearances and that is periodically updated.

Perhaps the Miller campaign is dealing with this:

A person who, in this state, hires another person to guard a person in this state with arms or deadly weapons, or a person who comes into this state armed with deadly weapons for the purpose of guarding a person, without a written permit from the commissioner of public safety, is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction is punishable by imprisonment for not more than 60 days, or by a fine of not more than $1,000, or by both.

According to may latest information, even Tony Hopfinger doesn't know if Joe's Stasi punks were armed. One would hope that the Anchorage Police Department, querying the goons, determined whether or not this was the case.

Why? Because the thugs had no licences recognized by the State of Alaska. If that is the case, carrying firearms would have been in violation of the State certification they would have been required to possess.

Were they armed? I suspect not.

So Miller's campaign, which wanted the local press to think he couldn't be at yesterday's Anchorage debate because he was committed to be at Anchor Point and other Kenai Borough communities, not only stiffed the other candidates for the U.S. Senate seat, he stiffed the Alaska voters in the lower Kenai.

Who's Joe going to lie to today?


Anonymous said...

(a) All security guard applicants, before issuance of a temporary permit or submission of an application to the department, must have received at least eight hours of general preassignment training relating to their duties and responsibilities as a guard.

(b) All security guards are required to complete satisfactorily at least 40 hours of inservice training within 180 days after employment. Training must include, but need not be limited to
(1) law of arrest;
(2) law of search and seizure;
(3) duties and responsibilities to the employer and client;
(4) fire prevention;
(5) first aid;
(6) patrol techniques.

(c) All security guards must pass an annual refresher course of at least eight hours on the topics in (b) of this section. Failure to pass the refresher course may be grounds for revocation of a security guard license.

(f) Firearms training required under 13 AAC 60.085(2) may only be administered by

(1) a person certified as a qualified firearms trainer by a federal, military, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency; or

(2) an employee of a security guard agency who has certification from a nationally recognized organization attesting to his qualifications as an instructor.

(g) Renewal applications must contain a certification stating that the required training has been successfully completed.

My question: if his "staff of 45 over 90% of those guys are newly medically discharged and we are the only ones giving them jobs and a safe place to work through the horrors of war", as he states himself, are they suitable for duty? Do they meet the requirements as applicants for agents permits?

His agents cannot have substance-abuse issues and cannot be "suffering from any psychopathic condition or mental illness impairing the powers of memory, reason, judgment or perception."

If they're all medical discharges from the military and yet clearly able-bodied from photographs - have all their limbs, can run, fight, jump, drive, take down a bail-jumper, work as bar bouncers - then what are the medical discharges?

Do they have concealed weapons permits? A little bit different than a "citizen's" right to carry a firearm.

Philip Munger said...

good questions.

WakeUpAmerica said...

A commentor on Gryphen's blog said that two of the security guards were soldiers moonlighting as security in violation of the Hatch Act. Maybe worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

ADN has the story of the active duty soldiers. However, the other thing to note is that military are not trained as police nor as peacekeepers-- they may not carry guns but recent military training does not seem very safe around civilians, especially with such lax commanders as Fulton.