Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miller's Caswell Lake House Brings New Questions to the Fore

If I could choose an image that shouts "Tea Party Club House!" this would be it. It is Joe Miller's large cabin by Caswell Lake, near Willow. He got a good deal on it. Since, he has generally listed it as "rental property," when he has chosen to disclose its place in his portfolio. The Alaska Dispatch has an excellent article on this today, written by Craig Medred.

The information in it leads me to want to speculate some more on where Miller seems to sometimes get more money for things like this than makes sense in his income statements.

Over the weekend, a few of my Veteran friends and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that Miller claims a service-connected disability of at least 30%. At that rate, monthly payments for his spouse and children begin to kick in. The payments are tax free, do not need to be listed on disclosure filings, and - if he gets them - would amount to thousands of dollars per month.

We've got one week to find out if that is part of the reason why Joe did this at the same event last week at which Julia O'Malley was politely told the First Amendment does not pertain to her:

Alaskan Senate hopeful and semi-bearded teabagger Joe Miller literally ran away from a question about his disabled-veteran status during last night’s “Meet and Greet” session in Anchorage. In a roomful of 50 people — most supporters and well wishers — Miller was asked to identify his service-connected disability and his official “percentage disabled.” Panic swept over Miller’s sweaty face.

Looking away from your correspondent, Miller yelped to no one in particular, “We’ve gotta go!” He then pointed to his wife and said, “Let’s move!” The Millers hustled to the back of the vacant strip mall office next to the pizza place and surrounded themselves with campaign staffers.

This time, Miller’s phalanx of creepy skinheads dressed as Secret Service agents — last seen assaulting and restraining a local journalist — were nowhere around. Your correspondent was able to escape unscathed.

image - Alaska Dispatch


Anonymous said...

Yes, Phil, Grifter Joe is definitely living beyond his apparent means. Just as Caribou Barbie did. It begs lots of questions.

Keep pressing for the disability and discharge info. Immoral Minority had some interesting info posted yesterday regarding the DD214. Grifter Joe's character was the same during his enlistment as it is today; therefore, one could logically assume his ethically-challenged ways were front and center regarding the discharge.

And by the way, there are plenty of cheaters and worse at our esteemed military academies. Although not in the majority, these rotten apples do indeed spoil the barrel.

Boy, Grifter Joe sure does enjoy sponging off the federal government, doesn't he? And if elected to the Senate, he'll enjoy a lifetime of those benefits that tha ordinary citizen is generally denied. I guess hypocrisy and subterfuge, like crime, pays.

AKPetMom said...

Breaking news:

Joe Miller was just on Talk of Alaska w/Steve Heimel (KSKA) and the last question from a caller was re: Miller's service related disability. Miller said he never said he was a disabled vet and does not collect disability, he however does have a service related hearing loss and should probably have hearing aids but never pursued that. He also said he had a service related knee injury but has never pursued benefits for that either. So, it seems he's flip flopped on this as I could swear he has previously said he was disabled vet. There are countless articles and interviews on the web where he has said he is a disabled vet but would never disclose the particulars.

Anonymous said...

ADN Article where he says this:

8. How good a job is the military and the Veterans Administration doing in providing ongoing care to soldiers and ex-soldiers who served in the war? What specifically would you do to improve services?

As a service-connected veteran, I personally know that there is a great need here in Alaska for more VA medical facilities.

Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/10/15/1503851/2010-senate-candidate-joe-miller.html#ixzz13Uwv3v5s

Anonymous said...

12:20 P.M. I think that this statement means he is eligible to receive health care from the VA. I went to the link. Where is there any reference to disability?

Not saying that he hasn't claimed that elsewhere- it just is not here.

And as a explanation- "if I said that it was because I didn't hear the question correctly"....

Having been around individuals with significant hearing loss- that did not minimize with hearing aids, or even admit they had a problem.. some similarities may be present.

Philip Munger said...


So we're back to the money simply not adding up.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he tell you, Phil, at the state fair that he had a disability?

Philip Munger said...

He certainly did.

Anonymous said...

Grifter Joe is lying. I believe we will find that he "voluntarily" left the military in the same way he "voluntarily" left the Anchorage law firm and North Star Borough. Just a hunch...