Saturday, October 23, 2010

APD on how Much Hopfinger's Kidnapping Cost Them - So Far

Meanwhile, down on the Kenai Penninsula:

And at the AFN Convention in Fairbanks, these t-shirts are being handed out:Lisa's debt to Sarah, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
The Lisa camp posted over/ tore off Scott McAdams's sign across from the Fred Meyer store in Palmer.

Anonymous said...

Vote Scott McAdams, Lisa had her chance and even tea bagger joe was more popular!
Retuglicans.... uhg!

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt is a pretty bizarre homage to The Quitter. I wonder if the Division of Elections will let people wear these shirts into the polling booths since everything else seems to be fair game.


Bonsai66 said...

Hi Phil,

I thought that you might be interested in this picture of a sign that used to be posted on the front of the DropZone store.



Anonymous said...

wearing those t-shirts into a polling area is an act which is prohibited by law.

If you haven't signed up to be an observer at a polling station, contact the Democratic party and they will schedule you in to report on any illegal political activities.

Between this shirt and the printed lists of write-in candidates that are in circulation, you can bet there is a need for monitoring voting irregularities.

Lisa is already faking endorsements, it's not unlikely she'll attempt more duplicitous acts and her supporters are likely to be ignoring the law in any number of ways.

That is habitual, it's a standard in their uccustomed methodology and the established operations of Republicans, it's never something that just 'slipped through','s willful and and it's intentional.

Help shut them down, volunteer to be a poll observer.