Friday, October 15, 2010

How Important is Bill Walker's Quasi Endorsement of Ethan Berkowitz?

It is at least this important. Here are some raw numbers from the August 24th primary:
Sean Parnell -------------- 54,125
Bill Walker --------------- 35,734
Ethan Berkowitz --------- 22,607
Hollis French ------------- 18,018
Together, Berkowitz and French pulled in less votes than did Parnell. But the totals of Berkowitz, French and Walker equalled 76,359 votes. Combined with the Berkowitz' campaign's imaginative economic development proposals and Benson's spot on a ticket in an election that will draw high Bush turnouts on the initiative regarding legislative size, this race might tighten up considerably.


Anonymous said...

Dream On

Ethan is dead in the water. Save your bullets for the Senate race where the Dem has a chance.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for waking up and typing your nightmare before you forgot it.

Both will win.