Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesse Ventura vs. Sarah Palin - "She's a Quitter"

Sarah Palin spoke Saturday evening in Anaheim California. She appealed to California voters to vote for some sort of change. Her definitions of what that might mean were vague.

They always are.

A couple of things troubled me about her speech. The first was that this was one of the best stump speeches she has given. Her voice projected well, though it grated at first. As the audience warmed, though, she seemed to reach a new level of resonance with her worshippers, not seen since her appearances around this time two years ago.

I thought, "she's changed her meds." Maybe, maybe not. But she has found a way to dig more deeply into the negativity and frustration she's learned to channel.

The second troubling thing was the way the crowd seemed to be responding. Especially to her key words, thrown in there from time to time, that get the Christianists to have to ejaculate adulation to their Queen.


Ex-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is going to be in the media a lot over the next few days, promoting the upcoming second season of his conspiracy theory cable TV series. Like Palin, he's a bit of a gadfly. Unlike Palin, he's essentially an honest person, and wants to chart his own course. As an ex-professional wrestler, he knows faux rogue far better than most, including the Crazy Woman.

His pessimism is informed and nuanced. Palin's optimism is fake and seemingly somewhat drug-induced.

Here's Gov. Ventura:


Anonymous said...

Jesse Ventura has my vote. What a breath of fresh air. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll run for POTUS in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I'd never seen him speak before, but the man is AWESOME! He seems extremely well-informed and intelligent. It was interesting that he talked over the interviewer, but unlike Palin and CoD, who just get more shrill, he stayed equitable but kept tossing out more solid information.

dsmyre said...

Jesse is rock solid. Sarah is flakey. There's no real comparison.

I do enjoy watching Sarah ball up her bony little fist when she talks. Ooo, so intense! Haha!

Anonymous said...

He calls for getting rid of parties-- that is interesting. Would the monies just go underground, then? Still, his ideas are fascinating and a fresh take.

Roger said...

The interviewer left no doubt about how his toast is buttered, did he? "Well, what about O'Donnell? How 'bout Whitman? Ain't Rand Paul the shitz?"

I had a feeling that some guy was holding up big flash cards off camera, to urge the guy to toss out the usual Fox talking points.

It wasn't easy to DO THAT, while talking to someone who isn't opposed to the establishment in the typical way!

Anonymous said...

Rassmusen predicts 55 seat gain for GOP