Friday, October 29, 2010

Compare These Two Ads

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an Independent supporter of Hillary who typically votes Dem and made LOTS of (>15k) phonecalls for Hillary in 2008. I am TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. No one is asking me to post this. I read a LOT and know a LOT about what is happening in the country's political landscape and the money that is fueling it. Yes, corporate money is pouring in via nonprofits mostly to Repub Tea partiers and the amount would just astound you - we are about to seat corporations in the Senate and House, like never before.

I sincerely hope that McAdams wins; he is well grounded, realistic and has a good record. And, he is not a Dem in D.C. But the polls now show he is far and that concerns me. I do NOT want Miller to win.

So, if you are upset with Dems in D.C. and definitely do not want to vote for Dems, do vote for Murkowski. Her record in D.C. has been quite good - she is reasonable and LISTENS and votes with Dem often enough.

PLEASE do NOT let the Tea Party hatred and polarization consume you. Our country is important. This is my adopted country where I am a naturalized citizen and I am worried about the direction of swing in our democracy this year. Very troubling.

As Hillary said, Democracy needs to be defended.

Please do vote for McAdams.

But, if there is ANY Democrat out there that does not want to vote for Democrat, I urge them to vote for Lisa Murkowski on the following basis. Lisa is pro-equality. Lisa voted in favor of Equal Pay Act (Ledbetter). While there are many on both sides of the aisle that support the Hyde Act, she is also pro-Choice. List of pro-choice Republicans:

Let us not let Miller win this.

Thank you.

Alaska is important to the country. I live in a part of NY that is just as cold most of summer and we do not get as much sun as you folks. Alaska is beautiful, and I hope to visit in my lifetime. I will revisit this thread. Cheers!

Bear Woman said...

Lisa's ad is pertinent, it does show what a "Tea Party Nation" would be like. However....

Scott's ability to stay focused on issues and to stay above and out of the drama of Lisa and Joe is well reflected in his ad.

I've had several independent voters who said if Scott stays positive and talks about issues as well as he has been, they would be voting for him.

Hopefully they have listened and vote for Scott McAdams!

Anonymous said...

Bear Woman, I hope so.

Please dont let Miller will because people have targeted Lisa Murkowski.

Miller and Tea Party has a more conservative agenda than we could have ever imagined... It is the ultimate conservatism on BOTH fiscal and social scale.

Anonymous said...

One thing I want to add here... which needs to go with discussion on GOVERNOR slot..

Whoever is elected as Governor this year will do the redistricting.. which will determine two key things:
- House representation for the next 10 years
- Primaries in 2012, 2016.

So, I hope you all vote for the DEMOCRAT for Governor. Thanks. (sorry this is in the wrong thread. I caould not find the Governor discussion thread. Host Admin may move this comment. Thanks)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Lisa's out there doing the dirty work for Scott, as far as Joe's character is concerned. All we need to do now is remind everyone that even though Lisa seems less threatening, she is still a Republican and has voted with the obstructionist Republicans 90% of the time. That's not going to change if she goes back to DC.


Anonymous said...

Ooops, didn't mean to have that show up twice. Can you deleted one, Phil?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:31. Senator Murkowski may be pro-choice in personal philosophy, but she cannot be characterized as a "Pro-Choice Republican".
Which is too bad, because that would most accurately reflect some major part of Alaska constituents.
MOST feel that even if they would not make that choice for themselves, that it's a decision between a woman and her doctor.
Unfortunately, Lisa's voting record suggests that the morals of the Republican Party and a small but powerful group of evangelical Christians should be imposed on this state.

She can't have it both ways in an election year.