Sunday, October 10, 2010

Palin on the Stump in Alabama, California, Back on Stage with Joe the Teabagger - Updated: More on the "Death Threat"

Sarah Palin, who quit her term as Alaska's governor early in its third trimester, appeared briefly on a stage in San Diego, California, Saturday evening, with Fairbanks divorce attorney, Joe Miller. It was their first public appearance together since Miller had released emails that led to further speculation on just when or if Palin will throw her faux mukluks into the 2012 presidential race ring.

Palin appeared Thursday at Alabama's fundamentalist Christian Faulkner University, Friday at a far-right business conference in Bakersfield, California, and Saturday evening at the San Diego fundraiser for Miller and other military veterans.

At Faulkner University (not named after William Faulkner - he was from neighboring Mississippi, and will not ever have a Christianist institution bearing his name), Palin spoke at length about TriG. Faulkner is a college, where the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences describes its goal as, "exploring and considering your future as a student of science at a Christian institution. Here at Faulkner, we are wonderfully free to bring our discussions of Biblical truths into our science classrooms. Here, you can ask the hard questions about where we really came from."

Here's a video of the part of her speech dealing with TriG:

A local newspaper covered the speech:

Ken Kilpatrick lives in Montgomery and also left with a positive outlook on Palin and what she had to say. "I thought it was great. She had some good things to say, very positive things, about Faulkner University and what they are trying to do within their community."

Kilpatrick said that his favorite part of Palin's message was about getting back to God and the roots of the country. "We need to get back to the things that really matter, and not some of the things our country has gotten tied up in, and that is something that she focused on a good bit."

Although the majority of the 2,500 attendees were over 40, there were a few young people in the crowd -- an audience surprisingly captivated by her message.

Among comments to the paper's web coverage was this one, from "PresidentJeffersonDavis":

Really wanted to be there. Guess if I had some of my tax money back from King Hussein and his merry bunch of communists I could have afforded it. Besides she is one hot chick and for some reason my wife has a problem with that. Ha, ha.... No doubt the idiots who make comments about her have never run a lemonade stand much less been within a million miles of being a Governor of a State. The socialists and communists atheists hate her (hate is what the devil is all about) because she is a decent Christian person that has millions of Americans (the ones who work for a living every day) inspired to make drastic changes in our communist government on November 2nd. Go Sarah Go.

to which "doctorbill1" responded:

I'd like to comment but I got to go drive my socialist approved car, on the socialist built road, to the socialist built park, to walk my socialist licensed dog. All while my house is protected by the socialist funded police and fire department.

This weekend I will fly a socialist regulated airplane through skies controlled by socialist air traffic controllers so I don't run into another plane full of socialists.

In Bakersfield, Palin shared the stage with former Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, Laura Bush and Newt Gingrich. From the articles on the web, I'm not sure how much people paid for the speech, but to attend the business conference all that day, the fee was $495.00.

The Bakersfield paper summed up Palin's talk:

In terms of sheer passion and vigor, nobody got a bigger reception than Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee.

She was introduced by conference organizer George Martin as "the next president of the United States." The crowd burst into applause, waving flags, giving standing ovations and snapping flash photos throughout her speech.

The Tea Party movement leader condemned President Barack Obama's plans and stimulus packages, which she said have failed to bring Americans jobs. It is time now, she said, to stick up for the "little guy."

"This is what the Tea Party is all about. Fighting for the working man," Palin said, wearing her signature red suit and rimless glasses. "The little man has been forgotten far too long. Enough is enough, and we're taking it back."

In San Diego Saturday evening, Palin introduced Miller:

The former GOP Vice Presidential nominee and Tea Party Movement favorite was expected to introduce her fellow Alaskan, Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller, at a political fundraiser promoting former combat veterans running for U.S. Congress next month.

Palin, standing in front of a row of American flags on stage, took shots at what she called the "lamestream media," saying, that when the media "just doesn't get it and when they don't believe what perhaps your message is so they want to belittle you and mock you and treat you with much disdain, you know, I think, well they can do that to me, that's fine, because I know truth."

Although Palin claimed she did not want to overshadow Miller, an apparent threat to her seems to have bumped any coverage of Miller himself from most media there:

Organizers said they were told Palin did not want to overshadow Miller at the event, but it was clear many were there to see her. A threat against her life before the event caused organizers to increase their focus on security.

At a news conference, Combat Veterans for Congress Chairman Joseph John said the group was "very concerned about about her security."

Sheraton hotel manager Warren Nocon said the hotel had already planned to have a security presence at the event.

The many comments at the web article are fascinating. 513 comments about an event that fewer than 300 attended.

Here are a few:

Frightening demagogue. She would do anything to get elected.


On a trip to Alaska this summer, it wasn't to difficult to find people who have abject disdain for Palin. In fact I could only find three people who actually had anything positive to say about her.

They cite her history of bullying adversaries with cheap shots dating back to high school! Apparently locals know her all too well.

And if you saw the youtube video clip of Palin confronting a teacher on a public dock and then having an aide tear down a derogatory sign in a public place, her idea of freedom of speech is certainly suspect.


I know several conservative Republicans that shake their head when you mention Palin. Not because they're happy with her. They think she's uneducated, ignorant with world events and does not represent what the successful modern day woman represents. Aside from being pretty, she has little grip on world events. Again, this is from people that voted for McCain and are really-really conservative. They fear the day the Republican Party turns to Palin as their standard bearer. Her tendency to be cutesy puts them off along with many women I know. (both Dem and Repubs) She did more to hurt McCain than help him. She's against the rights of women to make a choice so N.O.W. won't get on her bandwagon. The liberal press? Come on. She's the poster child for Fox News. Fox is not liberal. So far the Republicans have no one to challenge her. At least none that have come forward. Hopefully the Republicans can overcome the Tea Party movement and get a candidate that represents a true contender.

Interesting. One more:

Remember those old Dodge commercials in the 70's? Well, Sarah Palin is that redneck sheriff and the rest of us republicans are the driver....cause "we are in a heap a trouble boy" should this twit get elected or even nominated for anything.

Update - 4:30 p.m: Here's a local San Diego newscast on the reported death threat to Palin:

Apparently this is a different threat than the one that was treated so strangely by Palin and Kristan Cole last month. I hope they catch both of them soon.


majii said...

It turns my stomach hearing/reading about Palin speaking about standing up for the "little people." After seeing her neglect her own citizens in the Alaskan villages who were starving and freezing last year while she ran around the country from one event to another, I'm not buying it. When she finally went to visit some of the villagers, she waited on Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse corporate jet to go. What made her behavior/attitude toward the villagers more despicable was that she only took them homemade cookies. This woman is no Christian. She lies too much to claim to be like the Christ I know and follow. She cares nothing for anyone, besides herself. Everyone else is dispensable. Something that turns women off to Palin is the fact that she makes the rest of us who worked hard and educated ourselves look bad because of her lies and ignorance combined with her sense of entitlement. I have a daughter who is very smart and a college graduate who can function in any environment and speak with authority in her field of study. Were my daughter younger, Palin would be the last person on earth I'd encourage my daughter to adopt as a role model. With Palin, there's no there, there.

Anonymous said...

Yup, soooo Sarah, speaking at a university that is anti-science. I am very worried about our country. There are search engines designed for Christians that avoid any discourse that doesn't agree with Christian world view. In my town there are Christian schools that of course will avoid any discussion of evolutionary science, instead opting for creationism. And of course there are the Christian homeschooling parents I meet at my library job who never check out a geology book lest it "pollute their children's minds." What have we come to? and how close are we to an American Taliban? What are these people afraid of? Sarah Palin appeals to these people in a very viral way. Like the above poster I worked hard to educate my daughters and I sometimes feel their biggest hurdle will be maintaing a viable country in the face of such willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Why does she always have to mention the 'Trig Truthers'? This really bothers her. And if it bothers her so much why doesn't she just show some real proof that she gave birth to Trig? Sarah is a liar. There is nothing Christian -like about that woman.

This speech is exactly why the truth needs to come out. Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

Anonymous said...

She's a nice lookin' QUITTER, by golly.

If you're a fake Christian, she'll coax the hidden racism right out a ya. She makes displaying hatred feel all warm and fuzzy, just like in the 1950's and 60s. Remember all those fun lynchings? Good times. Good times.

Sure, let's have spunky Half-Gov Sarah as our forked-tongue cheerleader as we proceed to infect the nation with our venom. And, let's have lots more babies. And, let's tithe our money to the Church of Saint Sarah. Do I hear an amen! Amen!

Oh yeah, and she QUIT.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she'd want to go be some other state's politician?
Surely one of these states that keep paying her to come speak would want to have her as their very own?

California? Texas? How about Arizona?

It really seems like it would work better for her all around.

sallyngarland,tx said...

Anon @ 6:43
Texas doesn't want her. They did a poll here and she was 3rd--behind Huckabee and Romney. I hear she is an embarassment to establishment Repubs.

Palin spoke in Waco recently. The Baylor Student newspaper (The Lariat) as well as some other press refused to cover her because they were required to buy a ticket and felt that would be an endorsement. When she spoke in Tx twice this past week, she got very little press, also.

R.Perry has caused Tx to have a bad image. Since Palin endorsed him, he has been hammered and
investigations are happening. There are alot of good Dems in Tx working to defeat Perry/Palin 2010. Repubs are crossing over to Bill White-D for gov-also. Sorry this is so long but everyone thinks Tx likes Palin and it isn't so.

Anonymous said...

It would just be Karma if her 'necessary security' at these events became so expensive the groups couldn't afford to ask her to speak and the hotels started turning her away...

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party movement leader condemned President Barack Obama's plans and stimulus packages, which she said have failed to bring Americans jobs. It is time now, she said, to stick up for the "little guy."

So, wait, so what does she think should be done? I'm waiting for that part.

Oh, yeah. "stick up for the little guy" by giving tax cuts to millionaires.

Anonymous said...

She raised a "combat vet"? When was Track ever in combat??? Liar.

Anonymous said...

I live in California. San Diego and Bakersfield are not great places for a minority or a progressive to be in. Conservative rednecks. Sarah fits right in.

I am sorry, but how true is this threat against her life. She claimed her daughters were threatened with gang rape and never reported it because it probably never happened. Did not want to upstage Joe? She just did.

Anonymous said...

I do have to agree with Palin a little bit about the lame stream media. They handle her with kid gloves no matter what asinine garbage comes out of her mouth. That's why I rely on my favorite Alaskan bloggers to give me the real story.

Love your beautiful photos Mr. Munger.