Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rachel Maddow Proves David Guttenberg 100% Right

Rep. David Guttenberg (D - 8th District) was quoted by The Mudflats, back on August 31st, from Dave's facebook page:

I beat this fool when he ran against me in 2004. Miller speaks drivel.

He clearly cares nothing about the lives of Alaskans just about this constitutional double talk. If I was a Tea Party supporter, I would worry about this guy being my champion. I believe he is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of you life.
At that time, the growing realization that Miller might not be a good option for having someone "in charge of your life," helped spur the budding fundraising efforts for Scott McAdams. Right after the Alaska primary, McAdams was unknown. Concern about how dangerous Miller might be spurred people to help McAdams set an Alaska record for single day on-line fundraising during the first week of September.

Tuesday, in Anchorage, Rachel Maddow from MSNBC, pursued Miller on the issue of gay rights. Miller's evasive non-answers and weasel word answers might have been the best example yet of how precisely right Guttenberg's analysis was and is:

Time to donate to Scott McAdams again?



Daisydem said...

Thanks Phil for posting. Hope you had a good time; she obviously did! Rachel rocks!

Philip Munger said...


I wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

"I want to be straight with you." No pun intended. Snort.

Anonymous said...

Someone should follow up on Miller's statement that the state government should be the one to make the determination of whether someone is heterosexual or not.

He obviously, or maybe not, didn't hear the actual question Maddow asked, or doesn't think.

Miller repeated his statement about whether homosexuality is a choice by declaring only the state should determine this.

Anonymous said...

I nearly fell off my seat laughing when he said "I want to be straight with you." I'm so glad Rachel came up here and did her part to expose this fraud. Being at the live show was great.


Anonymous said...

"I want to be straight with you"

Aside from the sexuality implication- replace this with "truthfully speaking", "to tell the truth" (as opposed to?), "believe it or not"; and all the other phrases that are the classic tells that allow one who knows to evaluate truthiness.. Maybe he wanted to say "if the camera wasn't here I'd tell you the truth and then later I'd deny it" but since the cameras were rolling...

This is what happens when you never have to answer a question you do not want to answer.

I'd love to play poker with Joe, except that the company would suck.
There are so many tells that this guy has.

The thinking is clear- a states rights issue when it suits him- a federal issue when they have the votes for a constitutional amendment. Pass either a federal or state law as they wish- when it is something they wish to enable or prohibit. Activism is ok if its him or his that are doing it. The means necessary are dictated by the end desired.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the voters don't have comments from Joes West Point classmates and Gulf War comrades. And what's this I hear about him not graduating from West Point?

aksaxo said...

Rachel rocks as always. The expression on her face in the clip says it all. Priceless!