Friday, October 22, 2010

Jim Whitaker's Anger Toward Joe Miller is Restrained, but Evident

Also, Rachel Maddow on Joe's relationship with Terry Moffitt:


Anonymous said...

Wow, when Republicans turn on each other. . .

Especially in a State where the turds who led more than one insurrection against the Establishment still has the support of the Establishment today.

At the State Conventions, was it as hard for the Party elite to give Sarah standing as cringe-worthy and insulting as it were for members of the National Governor's Association to keep giving idiot Sarah time at the podium for every national press briefing? I mean, the woman was only Governor for like, a minute, and that was before she quit.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Whitaker is really unhappy here.

Maybe he's trying to decide whether he really should say what he thinks of Joe and his bunch.

Something else- there might be just a little guilt involved here.

The elected officials and professional decision makers at the Borough may have admitted a mistake in handling whatever happened during the tenure of Joe Miller. The Borough- according to statements recently made- decided to overlook what it's own legal staff thought might be criminal.

Apparently no referrals were made to the appropriate authorities.The authorities that might have further investigated and then evaluated for possible prosecution.

The reason for this decision; some combination of loss of future tax revenue Joe was obtaining for the Borough, and avoidance of conflict in general. Mostly the money according to what is stated so far.

I have seen this phrase in action before- MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS.

Of course Whitaker did not know at that time that Joe Miller would run for US Senate. That is just his regret that in running Miller has forced the Borough to decide if they should continue to cooperate in concealing what Joe AND the Borough had done.

When doing the right thing is balanced with financial rewards for choosing to NOT do the right thing, this is what can happen. There is a reason why it is called "doing the right thing" and not "doing what is easy and right".

As the previous commenter points out, there is a broader context to this story.