Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe's Bozos - Drop Zone Security on Spenard

These guys are definitely from the Department of You Can't Make This Shit Up, eh?

Here's a link to a Daily Kos article on Drop Zone Security by Bonsai66. Bonsai66 had a picture sent, showing the guys from Drop Zone security, doing one of their bounty hunting exploits:
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Anonymous said...

A comment from last night reposted:

Anonymous said...

William Fulton, Drop Zone Security, Spenard, owner of the military surplus store by the same name. He's an activist and party to civil suits against government.

Here's some on-line reviews about the store:
"Great for the jackbooted thug or if you need jackbooted thugs for rallies. Not professional and overpriced. Staffed by wannabes that would piss themselves in a real firefight!! Shop elsewhere if you don't like fluff."

"The sign on the door said enough for me, and nearly wanted to make me leave right then and there. Flat out said if you were there to look around, you just needed to go the F... somewhere else because they weren't a museum. Anti-government signs abound in and out. Inside, it's dark and very tight and nothing seems to have prices on it. It's just thrown on a shelf somewhere. I was there looking for some equipment (im in the military) and had my two boys with me. I couldn't even get the young guy working that day to acknowledge me. I will say they had more stuff then some of the other surplus stores in town, but there is no need to be so anti consumer and government like that. It just makes me not want to shop there regardless of my views on the current government. I came to shop and spend money, not dig around in the dark being ignored and feel like I was at some anti-government rally."

The motto of one of his employees: "It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you."
A Marine, doubles as a bouncer at a strip club.
October 17, 2010 11:08 PM

Anonymous said...

2009 blog comments, emphasis mine.

"I am the owner of the Dropzone your assumption that we are racist is way off the mark. We are a very political and racially diverse group of veterans that are doing our best to run a small business that does not sell guns. We support local artists and have donated thousands of dollars worth of equipment to some of the high schools in town for youth programs that’s how awful we are oh we do charity work to. We have a staff of 45 over 90% of those guys are newly medically discharged and we are the only ones giving them jobs and a safe place to work through the horrors of war. I am available at any time to debate the merits or lack there of, on any political or social issue you choose but a blanket statement of “Racist” is a cheep cop out. Pico Fascism is the marriage of private business interests with the government by definition so the federal government owning banks and car companies is very fascistic in nature and socialism is bad it breeds a welfare state where people believe that the state is responsible to provide for them instead of providing for themselves. I am disappointed that instead of asking questions you have chosen to make assumptions about weapons, and racism that are false."

Anonymous said...

"*******Note from Ang*********
This is the second comment from Mr. Fulton. I admit that I was going to delete this. Brother Bruce convinced me to do other wise. So here it is, in full, unedited."

"You may choose to see it as racist, I think of it as an urban depiction of protest against a man whom seems to wear a mask of a constitutional scholar and then subverts the constitution. What Obama says and the actions he has taken lead me to believe that he is truly not as he appears. That is the statement that poster makes to me, although as with any art, interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. We put it up to stimulate debate and to have people question what is truly behind this man who is our president. As for socialism and the issue of single payer health care, when did it become my responsibility to not only provide for my family and my employees but to also provide for those whose life choices have lead them to a position where they can’t pay for themselves. I believe in charity don’t get me wrong but I also have a choice to give how much and to whom. We work hard for our money, at what point is it ok to take that money from me against my will and provide it to
someone else who chooses not to earn there own money. Health care is not a right it is a privilege we live in a country that is able to provide some of the best care in the world because of the system we have not in spite of it. The motivation for profit is the driving force in all of this, because without it those drugs and procedures would never have been created. The argument isn’t weather these things would be great or even the morals of them it is about weather the Federal Government has the authority under the constitution to enact them, are we a country that is going to fallow the rule of law, or one that will discard it anytime we think we can do something better. Look at what Bush did he discarded the constitution and did more to destroy our republic and the rights of its citizens in eight years he was in office than had been done in the 200 years prior. Now it seems that Obama’s “change” is just that a change to a socialistic/fascistic nanny state. I have no problem
bringing this to a public debate and if the country wills it amending the constitution to allow such actions by the federal government, the problem I have is doing this in-spite of the constitutional and not recognizing it for what it is an illegal power grab by the politicians in Washington. If you think the federal government is so good at running healthcare take a look at the Indian health system, the veteran’s health care or better yet the unfunded liabilities in Medicare they have failed miserably any time they have ventured into healthcare. Just my two cents come on by the shop sometime coffee and conversations are always free."

From "Ugly in Spenard."

Unknown said...

william fulton drop zone security owner here is a Video joe miller’s goons illegally cuffing a reporter

dropzone=pussies hiding behind themselves

Anonymous said...

You sir, Mr. Fulton are a coward and an embarrasment to any free thinking "American". Your bigoted ignorance, or should I say lack of education, and the actual constitution shows in your actions and your speech. I'm sure there's multiple reasons your "business" doesn't sell guns. Charity work huh? Love to hear from some of the high schools and students about your group..Peace Pud Puller

Anonymous said...

The whole dropzone outfit is really pretty neat! They hire alot of medically discharged veterans who struggle to find employment in the civilian world. So all those veterans coming home that we ignore... these guys hire! Also as a wildland firefighter I have had several opportunities to by equipment from them. They have all ways been very friendly and offered discounts to public service employees. As I understand it they have donated supplies to groups in the Anchorage area, and seem to be a responsible business owner we would want in our community. Contrary to misconception they do not sell any firearms! They are politically active in the community, but there are also several other businesses that are politically active in our community on the more left wing side of things.

J. Hammack said...

These are my kind of guys. They want to protect a guy who belives in hard work, honesty, and self reliance? I'd hire both of them to do what they are suppose to do. As for the liberals who seek to take away free speech, what's your candidate like? Does he believe in getting people off welfare, lowering taxes, cutting overpaid school teachers and unions, and letting the elderly keep their social security by privatizing it? Not a chance. I vote for Joe and Drop Zone

Unknown said...

"Does he believe in getting people off welfare, lowering taxes, cutting overpaid school teachers and unions, and letting the elderly keep their social security by privatizing it? Not a chance"

-J. Hammack
This guy has his head up his fourth point of contact...

J. Hammack, schooled, old-style.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.William Fulton,

You are not only a narrow minded bigot (Your constitutional right to be a bigot I might add and I support your right fully to be a bigot), but worst of all you are a treasonous un-patriotic, un-American subversive vapid deluded coward. You have no concept of the constitution, the political process nor the ability to grasp the understanding of the framework of the Bill of Rights.

You are a fascist,you haven't the slightest idea of what freedom stands for. The constitution and freedom are for the protection of ALL citizens of this great land. You and your cowardly treasonous insipid underlings represent an anti-freedom movement thinly veiled as patriotism, it's a laughable.

Veterans such as myself and many of my brothers and sisters from the military are repulsed by your repugnant existence. You represent what is wrong with the 'right'and 'conservatives'. Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman and even Ronald Regan would view you as enemies of the state!

Anonymous said...

What kills us as progressives is when we respond to debate by name calling. If you run out of argument, that's called losing. You have lost the debate if you resort to name calling.

What is worse is when as progressives we imply that anyone who disagrees with us is either a homosexual or is mentally disabled. Arent WE supposed to champion the cause of homosexuals and the disabled? Perhaps many of the alleged lefties on this board are actually more like their arch rivals the dreaded right wing bigots?

Ed said...

A bunch of bigots calling Fulton a bigot....Come on you people get a mind of your own and stop letting the current administration tell you what you want and how to think. Stand up for your rights think free and stop being sheep being led over the cliff by the Judas Goat!!!!!!! Written by an American patriot, military veteran, and CONVERSATIVE!!! Also all of you wanting free healt care----get a job and earn your own way through life. I am tired of giving you a free ride.

Anonymous said...

Betcha didn't know that Fulton was Eddie Burke's campaign treasurer for his latest Lt Gov campaign.

These two clowns are an embarrassment to ALL Americans.

Unknown said...

Bill Fulton and his people are fine military veterans trying to make a living. stop picking on men like him and leave them alone.

Alex said...

I was in Dropzone just looking around at things when Bill and I just started talking about the Dollhouse that he was building for his daughter. The guy is cool as hell and he deserves to be treated fairly. He's not a racist or a "Skinhead" at all. It's his right to run his business in whatever fashion he wishes. Small businesses like the Dropzone are the American Dream and are the only thing keeping this country afloat aside from the trillion dollar privatized Federal Reserve system (End The Fed). Bill is just a big Joker. As soon as I walked in I felt comfortable and safe. Sure we exchanged some foul language but we are men and both Disabled Vets. I was offered a Beer but I declined because I take medication and I wasn't harassed about it. Bill was even so kind as to offer me employment which I so happily accepted. I've said my peace and I suppose people will tell me I'm foolish yadiyada I have heard it all. It's not easy for people like me, a Constitutionalist Republican.

Anonymous said...

i've had the chance to spend some time with bill fulton as well. for all the people posting about him negatively, i laugh at you. you don't even know the guy. you know nothing about his personal life or who he is or what he really stands for. go do something for your community, citizens and world instead of blah, blah, blahing and sitting on your asses dissing someone who perhaps has differing viewpoints from yours. or better yet, go visit his store and have a chat with him. find out for yourselves what the guy is like, then make your conclusions. if you don't like him or his store after that, DON'T SHOP THERE, don't be his friend, go about your lives. i'm certain he will do the same with a smile on his face a few choice swear words and a joke or two.

Anonymous said...

I was a patron of the dropzone beginning in 2008. I'm not a democrat, or republican. Wasn't happy with Bush and am not happy with Obama. I lean pretty far to the left, and would like to see my taxes provide people with healthcare, and not a police state. Anyways, I felt free to discuss my opinions with Bill, and my 'radical' political beliefs. He was a nice guy, and just a small business owner trying to get by.

Things aren't as black and white as they seem in this world, and ignorance and hate are just that.

Anonymous said...

Dose any body know where william fulton drop zone is now??