Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best AK Blogger Post of the Week (Yet) on the US Senate Race

Steve Aufrecht, from What Do I Know, rode his bicycle around to the McAdams, Miller and Murkowski Anchorage campaign headquarters' today. His goal - pick up on some of the ambience of the various campaigns by checking out what kinds of food they had available for volunteers.

Steve took many photos, and the way he uses them in the post shows how much his often understated questions can reveal visually.


image - Steve. Not an endorsement of Murkowski

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KiheiKat said...

Hi Phil,

I made myself a bet before I went to Steve's blog to check out the food. I was right!

Scott rocks. he exudes an air of generosity & care for everyone. Both Miller and Murkowski are all for themselves - demonstrated by the separate staff & volunteer spaces & lack of food for the volunteers.

They both hold themselves to be above the common man. Their arrogance does them no good. The elite indeed. GO SCOTT!