Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Anthems for Joe

Joe's Anthem:

Dan's Anthem:


AKjah said...

That's some contrast you picked there Mr Phil. I enjoyed. o/t The debate tonight was good and i only caught the last half. Seems Scott and Lisa got a big boost that did not cost them one dime. And joe wont even let that sink in as he rubs elbows with the "boys" in Nikiski.

Anonymous said...

Phil, how long before Joe wasks, "WWSD?" What would Sarah, his former mentor, do? She'd bring out her human shields, her kids, to these events and take advantage of the fact that the press are decent people who'd not pursue her in front of her children, especially Piper, who in an email between Sarah and Ivy Frye, Sarah told her how Piper asked if she could pull Lyda's hair. I think I read that at Celtic Diva, but I am not sure. We must protect the innocent children, after all!

Joe's poor, run down wife needs to leave him or claim some terrible illness so Joe has the kids and is homeschooling on the campaign trail and the press won't bother him. (The press needs to figure this out and how to deal with it.)