Thursday, October 21, 2010

What the Hell? - Do They Just Not Care? - Time for Parnell to Go!- Part One

Let me see if I can get this right. Every time I get on an airplane, a train or an Alaska State ferry, I have to go through scads of levels of security, frustration and delays. So does everyone else in the USA. It has cost our economy trillions since September 11th, 2001. Do we feel any safer because of all this? Not many of us.In Anchorage Sunday evening, three men broke the law. They illegally detained one of Alaska's most respected, award-winning reporters, Tony Hopfinger. Essentially, they kidnapped him, under Federal law and state statutes.

The two Ft. Richardson soldiers who captured Hopfinger - Sergeant Alexander Valdez, 31, and Army Specialist Tyler Ellingboe, 22 - did so in violation of the policies of their unit commander:

Valdez and Ellinboe are assigned to the 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade at Fort Richardson. A local Army spokesman said the two soldiers did not have permission from their superiors to moonlight for Drop Zone.

The guy who hired these two hapless soldiers has been fingered for his communications with, on the one hand, people who were at one time connected with the enablers of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, and on the other hand, with both the Joe Miller campaign and Miller himself:

Joe Miller chose a security firm for his campaign event which is not only unlicensed, but also right at the heart of an extreme militia group, with the owner of the security firm being a local commander of the militia and also the main supplier. This Alaskan militia is headed by the notorious Norm Olson, who played a major role in the radical militia movement in the 1990's in Michigan, a movement which is at least partly to blame for the Oklahoma bombing.

After Sunday's incident, had Joe Miller been a Muslim mullah running for the U.S. Senate, and his lawbreaking henchmen members of Muslim groups he had been communicating with from time to time, all four of them - Miller, Drop Zone owner William Fulton, Valdez and Ellinboe, would be in indefinite detention by now. They'd probably be in a situation involving no sleep, glaring light, stress positions, and no access to an attorney.

Instead, what we've got is the Anchorage Police refusing to investigate, no word from the Feds, and one bullshit line after another coming from the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety.

Here's the Anchorage Press' Scott Christiansen describing his attempts to get some information out of the Parnell administration's people:

DPS spokeswoman Megan Peters released a statement via email Tuesday, two days after Hopfinger’s arrest at an event Miller hosted at Central Middle School.

“After DPS received multiple inquiries from reporters regarding the security detail at the Joe Miller town hall meeting a quick review of the statutes regarding security agencies, personal and bodyguards was done,” Peters wrote. “It has been decided that an investigation into the matter is prudent. With that being said, I can not [sic] give you details regarding the case until the investigation is completed”
The department would not release a list of licensed security firms. It would not report how many firms are on the list, or even confirm if such a list exists. Peters would not provide any details about the state’s licensing procedure, citing the investigation, but she did provide a citation to the state law that requires licensing.

The statute is vague. It does not mention bodyguards or personal security guards. (A bodyguard—the Joe Miller entourage notwithstanding—is an unusual sight in Alaska, although many people in the state are trained as bear guards—and no, they don’t guard bears from people, it’s quite the opposite.) This might be purposeful as a number of jobs involve protecting people—chaperones, bouncers, drivers and babysitters fit the role— and a poorly written definition would be cause for red tape. It could also infringe on Joe Miller’s babysitter’s rights.

So these Rambo wannabees, connected loosely to groups who helped spur the lunacy that led to the Oklahoma City bombing, are running around kidnapping reporters and editors illegally and it is OK with the authorities? It is beginning to look like it.

These far right, mostly fundamentalist Christianist nutcases like Dropzone Bill are making lists of people to round up after they get rid of the Muslim socialist Obama (they really have made these lists already). Anchorage, the state and the Feds could give a shit.

Don't believe me about how nutty these guys are? Here's the guy Joe the Teabagger hired to kidnap Hopfinger, in his own words:

All groups prepare in different ways and depending on what happens some will be better off than others those that rant as prepared will not just come and hand us there guns and then die they will find a way to survive, make no mistake as society brakes down the standard human being will revert quicker than you'll believe back to an animal some already have look at the inner city.

when theres nothing to loose then that person becomes more dangerous than you've ever imagined


Jesse Griffin at The Immoral Minority has another missive from Dropzone Bill, this one from the day before DZB worked with Teabagger Joe on Hopfinger's kidnapping:

Thats why I said we all should know our flanks if your in My AOR (Area of Ressponsibility) by all means say hi tell me what area your operating in and how I can identify you same goes for me I will be more than happy to provide that same information to all those on my flanks by doing that before hand we can fix a lot of these issues what I don't agree with is getting involved with what ifs, triggers, internal politics, or communicating tactical information with other groups/units the less technical details we know about each other before the ballon goes up the better that way if one goes down for being stupid or set-up or both, the rest of us are clean. I'm not saying we should hide in the shadows by any means I just think tactical planning should stay within individual groups.

Get to know the guys and groups around you cut up the land scape like a pie each group having its own AOR it is responsible for. If your a lone operator it may just be your house or block but disseminate that information to the group or groups that butt up against you. Get a map of your area draw boundary lines, but that is all that should be on it. I have no problem sitting down with you or any of the other guys operating out of the Anchorage bowl and hacking out areas that way we all know each other and where everybody will operate the larger issues come when we start sharing plans and other tactical information.

I also am very glad this conversation sprang out of our meeting this needs to be had better now then later and this bulletin board is a great resource allowing us all to develop our thoughts and really take the time to hammer this out we all owe Norm a thank you for making this venue available to us.

Dropzone Bill

Bill needs to be prosecuted for kidnapping. ASAP!
We need to start using resources to track these crazies, just like we track crazies from other religions with sub-sects gone bad.

And the lackadaisical Sean Parnell needs to go.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Anchorage PD or the State Troopers investigating this clown?

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that any Law Enforcement agency is going to come out and publicly state that the Alaska Citizens Militia, et al is under investigation. That would only cause these radical groups to go underground making it more difficult to gather information about their intentions, plans and members.

Anonymous said...

1. It's important to understand that law enforcement has a working relationship will all of these businesses. It's part of the civil 'peace-keeping' package of our domestic affairs in every state.
If there's a li'l something out of order, they're going to look the other way. These guys provide a service TO the police departments; help in them in their mission to maintain order against the bad guys.
When there's a hiccup and something happens that shouldn't, the determining factor on how they manage it comes down to whether or not there's a formal complaint and scrutiny.
They KNOW these guys are barely-contained banditos walking a fine line on legality and civil rights violations. They know these guys are usually violators themselves. It's acceptable collateral damage in the war against crime.

2. Who do you think is IN the Alaska Militia? Why do think they built Alaska's only large prisons in Kenai and MatSu?

Anonymous said...

"And the lackadaisical Sean Parnell needs to go."

Sean Parnell needs to go. YES

Will he do what he should about the militia/security force? No he won't. It is because of the ties that these militia folks and their supporters have within the state.

Sean Parnell lackadaisical?

Sean Parnell AK House to AK Senate to Conoco Phillips to Patton Boggs to Palin administration Lieutenant Governor to Alaska Governor.

Palin? Lackasaidaisical.

Parnell Lackasidaisical? Alaska should be so lucky. He has been busy behind the scenes.

Parnell? Laissezfaire?
Parnell? Lickspittle?
Parnell? Lackey?

Just pick one.

Anonymous said...

Check out this little fact:
"William Fulton would not talk to the Press Tuesday, citing legal advice from attorney Wayne Anthony Ross." from the Anchorage press link you posted.

Of course everyone is entitled to competent legal representation should they feel they need it-But the optics of this are ugly for all involved.

The same Wayne Anthony Ross that Governor Sarah Palin appointed Attorney General.

The Same WAR that the was rejected ( first time ever rejection of the head of a state agency)as attorney general by a vote of 35 to 23. 9 votes to reject coming from Republicans.

Among WAR's interests
"Former Vice President, Military Vehicle Preservation Association."

Anonymous said...

Relax Phil,
These wacktards are government-sanctioned saltlicks. Compare these groups to a bait station for bear hunting. Military surplus is the donuts and grease in the barrel.

WakeUpAmerica said...

"DO YOU LOVE YOUR FREEDOM?" I can hear the Tundra Turd screeching from my house (CA). So how do you Alaskans like it up there in Nazi land? I'm wondering why the ACLU isn't involved yet. Hopefully, Mr. Hopfinger has contacted them.

Anonymous said...

What do people expect Hopfinger to do?

What is the statute of limitations for a civil suit? How about for any charges by the state?

What is the hurry? In the meantime- Tony Hopfinger investigative journalist continues to cover the election. The next time there is a Joe Miller campaign event Tony can choose to go and ask Miller questions. Miller.

Joe Miller might be restrained in his criticism of Hopfinger because Hopfinger has not yet taken action. It probably will cause Miller and his staff heartburn every time he sees him or hears his name.

Who will be handling the security at the next Miller campaign event?

Is Joe calling 1-800-WRSTASI to hire more goons?

Anonymous said...

The word verification that came up after submitting the last comment now
is "milicia".

I've submitted this comment to all the gun carrying whacktards nationwide supporting Milicia Joe Miller.

Anonymous said...

Gads! Progressives are such drama queens!