Monday, October 11, 2010

Andree McLeod's Letter to Sean Parnell - Why's Joe the Teabagger's Wife Still on the Alaska Judicial Council?

--- by Andree McLeod

Dear Governor Parnell Sean.

Why have you not removed Kathleen Miller from the Judicial Council? Especially after all the facts that have been exposed about Joe and Kathleen Miller’s questionable financial claims while they applied and received their indigent fish and game licenses in the mid-90’s. Even though the statute of limitations have passed on this issue, why have you kept Kathleen Miller on this vital, significant and most important board that deals with judges and matters of Alaska courts… and whose members should be above reproach? By keeping Kathleen Miller on the Judicial Council, you compromise its integrity.

Why have you not removed your chief of staff from the ONLY PUBLIC MEMBER SEAT on the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation board? I’ve asked you this since last winter and you have yet to respond. It was wrong for ex-governor Palin to keep her chief of staff Mike Nizich on the ONLY PUBLIC MEMBER SEAT of the AEDC for all those years since December 2006. And it continues to be wrong for you to keep him on the board. The AEDC’s integrity is compromised and its mandate is disabled as your chief of staff's continued presence on the board in the ONLY PUBLIC MEMBER SLOT violates Sec. 14.40.826 and renders public oversight inoperative. When will you rectify Palin’s, and now your, corruption on the AEDC board as millions of dollars are funneled to it without public oversight? When will you appoint a real, genuine and bona fide member of the public to the board?

Why have you kept personnel board member Al Tamagni on the personnel board. Do you believe that it’s okay for a personnel board member to curse at a member of the public and hurl threats of a lawsuit at them during public testimony?

Your inactions on these matters demonstrates that you are definitely are not the man Alaska needs at its helm.

Your slogan…Action No Words…rings hollow and empty.


Anonymous said...

Phil, the governor doesn't care. Don't you GET it? He won't respond because he has the same level of contempt for the disenfranchised Democratic party as his endorsee has for the media.

Joe will win with probably 40% of the vote. Scott may get 20%. Sean could start making crass remarks in public and belching out loud and no one would care. Ethan won't win this election or any other state-wide election.

The governor is under no threat if he doesn't answer McLeod.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:53

Unfortunately, I agree with you, not because I want to. . .

It's a sad sad sad world when the likes of Sarah Palin, Captain Zero and (non)Farmer Joe can be given credibility and power to rule over others they deem unworthy of civil rights and liberties.

After Joe's announcement to black-out Alaskan press and voter questions tonight though, his bumbling efforts to go more mainstream to appeal to middle-road voters will only cement his deep but narrow support. I don't think that will be enough.

Anonymous said...

You two are such pessimists. I believe that anything is possible in this election cycle. Defeatist attitudes such as yours are not helpful. As a Democrat, I have no question in my mind who I'm voting for, and I'm trying to convince as many other people as I can that voting for Republicans, any of them, is a losing strategy. They've been running things for quite some time and it's time for the pendulum to swing in Alaska. Ted's dead, we can try something different now.


Anonymous @ 6:53 said...

I am not being pessimistic. It is the truth. I didn't say I won't back Ethan and Scott in the voting booth! But why would the Governor care about what McCleod presses him on? He knows he has the election.

The Democrats have to answer a critical question before people start mailing in their votes which is how they will decrease spending. So far, no one has come close. There is a monstrosity of a stereotype that democrats have to live down on spending money and being a hinderance to letting jobs develop over minor environmental glitches. We have to be good stewards of the environment while letting business grow, but at the same time monitor it close enough because business has started to care only about the bottom line and moving on.

The gulf oil spill was six+ months ago and most of America has forgotten about it. MOST people don't care about what happened today with Miller and don't understand the ramifications of a US Senate candidate telling the press to suck it. They will go to the polls like robots and fill in the oval next to the R because that is what they have done all their lives IF they bothered to get their asses in in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You kidding? Parnell won't fire Kathleen Miller. She's pro-life. That is the single requirement that must be met to get a job in the Sarah/Parnell administration.

The ends justify the means to get Sarah's religious club members into political positions (all of 'em, any of 'em). Who cares about some stinking laws? They've got their own AG Sullivan to smooth over any legal bumps in the road. What a horribly corrupt state we live in where the line between church and state no longer exists.

Their goal is to take over control of women's bodies.