Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Long and the Short of it on Today's Beauty


Anonymous said...

mucho mahalo*~~~~

Anonymous said...

I've lived here for 46 years and Saturday night has got to have been the most incredible sunset I've ever seen. There was a cherry red cloud that stretched from the South all the way to the North, with layers of red, purple and grey clouds above it. Below were the mountain ranges with peach behind them, apricot and blue above. I saw this as I was driving down O'Malley Rd. last night. The incredible red cloud only lasted for maybe ten minutes while I was watching it............I had hoped that an adn photographer might catch it and put it on the front page of the Sunday paper, but alas.

Hopefully some of those "Everybody Loves Whales" people were able to see it, it would probably have blown them away! bt