Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joe the Teabagger Campaign Death Spiral Watch - Day 9.4 - Joe the Militiaman

I've been watching this develop since mid-Monday.

The most important story to emerge on it yet was posted late Tuesday at Palingates. The article concludes:
Joe Miller chose a security firm for his campaign event which is not only unlicensed, but also right at the heart of an extreme militia group, with the owner of the security firm being a local commander of the militia and also the main supplier. This Alaskan militia is headed by the notorious Norm Olson, who played a major role in the radical militia movement in the 1990's in Michigan, a movement which is at least partly to blame for the Oklahoma bombing.

"Dropzone Security Services" is not just a company run by people who are not very clever, but the company is also right at the heart of the "Alaska Citizens Milita" - a group commanded by Norm Olson, who once rose to "fame" as the founder of the Michigan milita. Part of Norm Olson's history are also contacts to Oklahoma bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, who trained with the Michigian Milita in the past.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

From the very beginning, Norman E. Olson was a radical among radicals. After starting the Michigan Militia in April 1994 as one of the first major militia groups, Olson helped make his home state one of the leading spots for Patriot activity.

He drew widespread attention after reporting Oklahoma City conspirator Terry Nichols had attended one of the meetings of the Michigan Militia, which he claimed counted 12,000 members.

But Olson, a Baptist preacher who spends time in his Alanson gun store wearing a camouflage military outfit, alienated his colleagues after Oklahoma by offering reporters an incredible theory: The Japanese government had bombed the federal building there as a return favor for the sarin gas subway attack that he said the U.S. government carried out in Tokyo.

Unceremoniously booted out by his comrades-in-arms, Olson started another group, the Northern Michigan Regional Militia, while attacking his former friends as "too moderate." In the run-up to the millennial date change, Olson predicted government collapse and worse as a result of the "y2k" computer bug — a collapse he welcomed.

"We're itching for a standoff someplace," he told The Washington Post in late 1999. "Any movement needs a good and noble rallying point, an Alamo or a 'Remember the Maine,' and this could be it."
The rest of this story is at Palingates.


justafarmer said...

yep, these people are lunatics and Joe Miller can't get enough of them

dsmyre said...

I bet Joe wishes he'd left that reporter the hell alone.

Philip Munger said...


When I was running Alaska's biggest halfway house, a guy was about to get out after serving years for shooting his wife's lover. We had become friends. I asked him what his biggest lesson from it all was.

He replied, "I shoulda kissed the sonofabitch."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phil for tagging onto Palingates report. They do tremendous research and back it up with hard facts and copies. Nice to see Alaskan bloggers open to working with Palingates! this is a big story that must get legs!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Palins and AIP radicals...Miller and militia radicals...Palinistas threatening violence...Miller's goons ratcheting it up...Glenn Beck's loons and the incitement of violence...misuse of religion to incite violence...all connected. What's next???

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Miller has ties to that young militia goon in Fairbanks who was arrested for assaulting his wife on a drive to Anchorage. He is one of Norm Olson's storm troopers. Hmm....

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a site called American Resistance Radio, featuring an interview with Norm Olson, Ray Southwell and Shafer Cox


Here is a direct link to the MP3 -


And here are their archives of past shows on various subjects.


Better scoop these up before they disappear.

cdman said...

Hi Philip,

I put this video together and it has a pretty clear message for Palin. I'd love if you could post it.


Anonymous said...

Joe Miller-"I am probably the most disclosed candidate in Alaskan history".

Checking up on Joseph W. Miller and found something I haven't seen disclosed before.

Governor Palin appointed him to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. But after two weeks the appointment was withdrawn by Governor Palin. Here are the direct quotes and the links to the official records.


A letter dated January 30, 2008, was read stating that, in accordance
with AS 39.05.080 , the Governor submits the following names for
legislative confirmation to the boards and commissions noted.
The Speaker referred the following to the Judiciary Committee:

Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar
Mr. Carl Ekstrom - Anchorage
Appointed: 1/29/2008 Term Expires: 3/1/2011

Commission on Judicial Conduct
Mr. Joseph W. Miller - Fairbanks
Appointed: 1/28/2008 Term Expires: 3/1/2012

This is the appointment document at the -at the state (see the url)

Just a few weeks later a change of plans- Governor Palin withdraws the appointment!


A letter dated February 15, 2008, was read stating that the Governor
withdraws the following names from legislative confirmation of
appointment to the positions noted.
The Speaker had referred the
following to the Judiciary Committee (page 1838):

Commission on Judicial Conduct
Mr. Joseph W. Miller - Fairbanks"

Three other names are withdrawn here in addition to Joseph W. Miller.
Then Governor Palin appoints Peter Aschenbrenner- Fairbanks to replace Miller's appointment.

Here is the second document

What happened here?
Was there some trouble with the confirmation?

There might have been some mistake, or perhaps a change in plans.
Joseph W. Miller was at this time already serving on the Board of Marine Pilots (appointed by Palin).

Anonymous said...

This is a bigger story than it's been given so far.

Anonymous said...

Ha, He was nominated the same time as Carl Ekstrom. Palin had her head in the clouds and would nominate anyone labeled conservative. She should have withdrawn her nomination of Ekstrom as well. He is a scum bag/child molester but apparently he has the right friends because all he is being charged with is domestic violence.