Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Guy to Beat Joe Miller Has Some Advice for the Next Guy to Beat "Joe the Teabagger"

Alaska State representative David Guttenberg (D- 8th District) beat teabagger Joe Miller in 2004. Here's a bit of his advice to Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams, who is tightening the race against Miller:

I beat this fool when he ran against me in 2004. Miller speaks drivel.

He clearly cares nothing about the lives of Alaskans just about this constitutional double talk. If I was a Tea Party supporter, I would worry about this guy being my champion. I believe he is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of your life.

That precious advice is from Guttenberg's facebook page, quoted at the Alaska blog, The Mudflats, with Guttenberg's permission.

Miller, who spent about $600,000.00 of Koch Industries-linked funds in his barely successful run against incumbent GOP U.S. senator Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary, is poised to take in more money from powerful, behind-the-scene out-of-state interests who could give a rat's ass about the average Alaskan or about anything other than ripping us off up here. Some of us are closely scrutinizing the Alaska media for evidence of shilling for Joe the Teabagger. As if all the free publicity Miller is getting from FOX News and Newscorp isn't enough already, eh?

Meanwhile, progressive moderate Scott McAdams has been spending a lot of time reaching out to individual Alaskans, and raising a lot of money from middle class and blue-collar donors, at his campaign site, campaign HQ and on the web, at Act Blue.

Wednesday, McAdams probably set a record for the most money raised in small amounts on the web in a single day for an Alaskan running for statewide office. Yesterday morning, Scott's Act Blue page had taken in about $55,000 since it was created in late June. Right now, less than 24 hours later, it is at $97,865, with 1,010 supporters. Over $40,000.00 in less than a day!

The announcement yesterday by the Rasmussen polling group that they had changed this race from "Solid Republican to Leans Republican" may have been the impetus for some of this surge. Just as important, though, is the growing perception that Miller, to re-quote David Guttenberg, "is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of your life."

Folks, the Scott McAdams campaign is where we turn back the shadily-funded Tea Bag Express. McAdams is aiming very accurately at the very large majority of Alaska voters who are not affiliated with a political party, and to whom sanity still means something. In the same poll referenced above, Rasmussen notes that, even with few Alaskans yet knowing much about Scott, they are favoring him over the Joe the Teabagger by 22%. If that remains and the non-affiliated are motivated to vote on November 2nd, McAdams is the next U.S. senator from Alaska, and is the biggest upset of the 2010 election.

Think about that.


Anonymous said...

McAdams biggest problem is that he is a democrat. Maybe he should switch and run as an AI. He would have a better chance.

Kevin said...

Maybe Alaskans can learn that if they vote for a Democrat once it won't contaminate them for life? Heck, they can even lie and deny ever having done it ...

Anonymous said...

Miller seems like he is on paylins
HS BBall team.