Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miller Loses Eight Points in Three HOURS - Updated

Joe the Teabagger may have second thoughts about airing the campaign commercial he may have had Papa Pilgrim make for him before the latter passed away.

A new poll. this one by Craciun, has Sen. Lisa Murkowski clearly leading the sleaziest guy to make the finals in a statewide race since John Lindauer. And not since the Lindauer debacle, has a statewide Party choice lost so much support in a single day:
Update - 5:00 p.m: from

Alaska GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller refused to answer questions Wednesday about his failure to file personal financial disclosure documents that were required by law to be filed several months ago.

While entering a high-dollar fundraiser in Washington D.C., Wednesday evening, Miller stayed silent when questioned by POLITICO about the missing documents that were supposed be filed when he began his campaign for Senate in April. Miller defeated Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to win the GOP nomination last month.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Alaskans. This is such wonderful news. We won't be sorry if we continue with Lisa Murkowski as our senior senator.

Let's keep the momentum going! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Lisa is a lot purtier than the dude. Womens need to gain in power and take care of us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2's comment should be modified into a LOLCat pic.

Anonymous said...

On the Greta van Susteren show this evening, Joe the Teabagger responded when asked the question about his required financial filing something like: We just found about this. We are working on it now and it will be in by the end of the week.

He is such a Douche bag!