Sunday, September 26, 2010

Berkowitz-Benson Fundraiser at Our Place on the 1st - Come on Over! - Updated

We've got some Alaska gas to cook the fish and other stuff.

Fresh garden veggies and live jazz. Diane Benson will be speaking about how to fix education in Alaska. We may even be having a special guest who did more to enhance early childhood education in Alaska than anyone else.

Come on over!

Update - Monday 9:40 a.m: to the idiot who commented at #1:


Anonymous said...

Did you mention gas and put a Berkowitz sticker on the bottle on purpose? Don't you think that is a bit odd? Gas, Jew, Gas, Jew, Gas, aren't too bright are you Munger?

Anonymous said...

oh for crying out loud anony @5:54
catch up with the news!!!
Mr Berkowitz put the sticker on there

"That smackdown may have had something to do with what happened next. Now it was Berkowitz' turn to ask Parnell a question. He pulled a white propane tank from behind his chair, barbecue grill size, with an "Ethan Berkowitz for Governor" campaign sticker plastered on the front, and hefted it onto the speakers' table. "This is the only natural gas that's been brought down from the North Slope, and we had to do it ourselves," he said (watch for the new TV spot coming tomorrow), calling the governor out on what little has been done to to bring Alaska gas to market."


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could attend. But as I live remote, don't think I can make it. My other half is heading into Anchorage this week; I asked that he stop by the campaign headquarters and get me some stickers and signs.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the gas-Jew comment. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

you bothered commenting on that one and you did it in such a hurry! FISH ON!
that was fun.
as for anonymous 1:37 PM, you really aren't that stupid are you? of course the other idiots fell for my post.