Saturday, September 11, 2010

What I Did on September 11th - Part One

Judy convinced me not to attend the Wasilla Tea Party rally this early afternoon or the Anchorage Glenn Beck event at the Dena'ina Center this evening. Instead, I spent the morning and early afternoon gardening, and the mid to late afternoon hiking and driving with Strider.

Here are pictures from the first part of the day:

We had a very large run of salmon on Neklason Lake this year, perhaps the biggest in our 15 years. Probably around 10,000 Sockeye and Coho mated and ended their lives here.

The dead fish are all over, the smell wafting heavily from the beaches and up into our lower lawn.

In some places, the carcasses get caught up in the plants growing up from the lake bottom. They will provide nutrients for the little groves of underwater grasses and such.

Others will drift through the lake until they sink or get caught in the ice.

Bell peppers ripening in the greenhouse.

Heirloom tomatoes, soon to be picked for tomato sauce or salsa.

Corn flowers blooming in the sun.

Two very large (15-inch long) Daikon radishes, freshly harvested.

A garlic flower, gone to seed.

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