Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teabagger Joe - Papa Pilgrim's BFF

From this week's UAA Northern Light interview with Job Killer Joe the Teabagger:

Miller described himself as unequivocally pro-life. When asked about abortions involving rape or abuse, he responded with the shortest answer in the entire interview.

“If you say there’s an independent life then it doesn’t matter how that life was formed.”

Let's have some followup questions, journo majors. Duh.

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Maeve said...

Apart from being a member of the Taliban, Joe needs to take some basic biology:

“If you say there’s an independent life then it doesn’t matter how that life was formed.”

There is no 'independent life' until the mother gives birth - so, is Mr. Miller saying that he is pro-abortion?

Thanks for all of your good work Mr. Munger!

Anonymous said...

Joe Miller wants to revert back to the good ol' 1950's with no rights for women or minorities. Too bad he didn't live through that decade like me. If he had then maybe he'd think that the progress that's been made over all these years shouldn't be discarded as easily as he's now discarding his extreme-right platform from the primary.

Joe Miller is a lawyery-talkin', Californi-tea-drinkin', Kansas farmer who raised entitlements instead of food. A rich guy who scammed Alaska Fish and Game out of an indigent fishing license. Never met a government handout he didn't take for himself but denied to others.

Sarah didn't vet Miller just like John McCain didn't vet Sarah.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Maeve, there is no independent life until the child is old enough to actually take care of themselves. So does that mean you can drown your 2 year old and say it's OK? How about your 10 year old? When is it not OK to abort a child? And don't tell me I'm talking shit because there are those who do believe abortion should include the already born.
And your "Taliban" remark was stupid, especially when you chickenshit progressives never say a f'ing word against them. It's a "lifestyle" in your tiny minds.

Anonymous said...

maeve may not say it,

...but I will.

You're talking shit.

It's all you've ever got.

jamie said...

"Independent life" - ironic coming from a combat vet: probably some folks in the Middle East that might think Miller's a hypocrite.

Like wanting to keep Outsiders from meddling in local politics and accepting over half a million dollars from an extremist Tea Party group.

Funny how there "unequivocally" seems to always be an exception.

Anonymous said...

Nice job of making the Papa Pilgrim connection, I'm sure that the women whom he raped can be nothing but ecstatic when they read your blog, must bring back good memories for them.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Munger ? Do you not understand the meaning or concept of compassion ?

Anonymous said...

You made your point well, Phil. Forcing rape and incest victims to carry and give birth to the fetuses of their attackers/predators is another form of woman/girl abuse. It revictimizes the victim. And THAT is most offensive.

Good thing we don't have the likes of Bible Spice and Grifter Miller in elected office. Let's keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 0541: yep, agreed, and Mr Munger is doing just that, re-victimizing the victims by blogging about them.

It's rather disgusting if you ask me.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Anonymous, Sept. 29 9:00 AM

is that why you are hiding behind your computer screen? So you can tell me off? Take a hike!
Any idiot, including you, can take a couple of minutes and google it.