Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miller Loses Four Points in Seven Days

A CNN poll, just out today, has the Alaska U.S. Senate race at:

Miller --- 38%
Murkowski --- 36%
McAdams --- 22%

Papa Pilgrim's BFF, Jo(k)e Miller has gone, in the last four credible polls, from 50 to 47% to 42% to 38%. That's a 12 point drop since his primary victory over Lisa Murkowski. Additionally, this latest poll was taken before the most recent revelations on Miller's history as a scofflaw, cheat and crook had come out.

Disappointing in the latest poll, is that the only candidate who isn't going to sell out Alaskans, Scott McAdams, dropped three points from Rasmussen's poll early last week. If the public perception of Scott McAdams as a rational alternative to a sleazy teabagger or a fading political dynasty is going to take hold, it must do so soon.

But it is certainly beginning to look like Miller will not be November 2nd's victor. And that is a relief.

Meanwhile, let's keep on getting the word out that Scott McAdams, in this set of three candidates, is the adult in the room.


Anonymous said...

Another poll just released has Murkowski in the LEAD:

Murkowski 41%
Miller 30%
McAdams 19%

Anonymous said...

Do poll responders need to spell Murkowski? Or just verbalize? McAdams will be front and center, all spelled out on those ballots. Please remind the media.

Anonymous said...

Check into Joe-Boy's PFD history. Did he have the correct residency prior to receiving his first PFD? How about the wife? And how about all those children?