Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Disgusting Intensity and Depth of Joe Miller's Dishonesty

Joe Miller's campaign claims the long series of tweets emanating from Washington DC late Wednesday, around the time he was involved with rightwing GOP figures and C-Street luminaries, were the product of " a volunteer who will no longer have access to the account."

Why wasn't access to the twitter account severely limited after the campaign claimed Miller wasn't the person who tweeted (I'm paraphrasing) "Lisa Murkowski is a whore!" at about the same time Miller caused a three-car pileup in Fairbanks?

Was yesterday's volunteer in DC with Joe?

Who was the volunteer?

If not, where was the volunteer when he or she tweeted away?

How many people have access to Joe Miller's twitter account?

Since April, have more people had access to Joe's twitter account than were working on making sure this sleazy political grifter was complying with Federal Elections Commission regulations and other reporting requirements?

How many people is Jo(k)e now employing to make sure that he won't have to file his FEC political disclosure paperwork before November 2nd?

If the Alaska media does its job on this, they might finally earn their chops, by proving Sarah Palin wrong.

She developed her derogatory meme "lamestream media," from her dealings with the Alaska press. That she's still there, able to utter this now, is a tribute to your disabilty she so stridently touts as "lame."


Anonymous said...

jeebers phil, it sounds like you're wading over towards the deep end a little bit, you know, over there with Jo(k)e.

Anonymous said...

He is lying or an incompetent administrator. If he is incompetent, can we trust this person with classified information if he has volunteers, rogue volunteers, communicating to the world the feeling inside the campaign?
If he is lying, i don't think it so much arrogance, but giddy surprise that he has been able to pull this off. I am sure that statements like that would play well with his supporters. They like the brash, cocksure, shoot first attitude these statements convey. What it says to me is he is only going to represent those people and those interests in DC (if he even represents those people.) He will continue to look down on me as a second class citizen, a "godless socialist" unworthy of breathing the air here. He is bad for Alaska, the USA and the world.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this joker has shown his face in a village?

Methinks his agenda is a reglious one, not a tea party one.
And does his wife speak? There is something really creepy about those quiverfil chicks.

Anonymous said...

He made it to Bethel (before the primary I think )...
and it did not go well according to a few voices
But no real report has come forward about it.
No reports that he has been to any villages either...
He seems to have completely written off well over 100K Alaskans with nary a backward glance...
All for Alaska , that one.