Saturday, September 11, 2010

What I did on September 11th - Part Two

Like a lot of Alaskans from around here, I went up to Hatcher Pass today to enjoy the glorious weekend sunshine and brilliant late summer colors.

Here is the view, looking downstream on the Little Susitna River.

And here's the view upstream, about a half mile further up the river.

At the summit, Strider and I hiked for about a mile. He has aged a lot this year, his 10th summer. The dog doctor says he can't hike and run like he was able to up until about May or early June. He was so glad for the small hike.

There were a dozen para-sailers riding the updrafts at the western edge of the pass.

Something I've always wanted to do, but didn't get around to. Yet.

Wet Gulch, a drainage on the south side of upper Willow Creek.

Fall colors, as we descended the Willow Creek valley.

There were more people picking blueberries in Hatcher Pass than people attending the Palin-Miller event I was up here avoiding.

Looking down Willow Creek Valley from just below the intensive mining areas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and I agree with Judy...the day is better spent here than at some rally :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Picking berries in the wild - makes me homesick :)

Don't put off the para-sailing. I hold a USPA B License and it was the best risk I ever took. It's a door to personal insights not offered by any other life experience. Especially when you have a 'Strider' waiting for you to set down.


clark said...

nice photos!

darkblack said...

An excellent example of reflection through creation.
For myself, I spent part of the day performing the songs that I played on that evening 9 years ago, after not having touched an instrument for over a year.
It would be crass to suggest that a world calamity was the only thing that could pull me from the clutches of artistic negation, but those certainly were the observable circumstances.