Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Murkowski's Bold Move to Confuse Teabaggers

Is this early post write-in Murkowski sign evidence of her shrewd, savvy new staff?

What better way to confuse the Tea Party faithful into voting for her than by misspelling her own name. There is ample evidence that a significant enough percentage of teabaggers are attracted to misspelled political images that they may even be confused into thinking Lisa is the Tea Party candidate, not Joe the Teabagger.

It may be shrewd, but as PA has written before and The Mudflats is observing now, Lisa's best option for revenge against the Koch Bros. and Sarah Palin is to endorse Scott McAdams.


Anonymous said...

Lisa needs to graciously bow out. This is what is wrong with politics, the ego of the candidate is stronger than the rights of the people who clearly voted against her. The state is sick of the nepotism, frankly the country is. The only way she can win is by voters that aren't qualified and legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Alaska won't elect two Democratic senators. I'm glad that Senator Begich is here to counteract whoever is going to be elected in November.

AKjah said...

I agree she should have just backed McAdams from the get go. She could still but wont and let's all the personal shit get in the way of what's right for the people. Must say somehow it would be nice to get murky out of our politics.