Thursday, September 23, 2010

Which War Casualty is Gay?

This important political cartoon is 17 months old, but it is getting a second life after the failed wan congressional and executive branches' moves to support our gay and lesbian patriots who have given their only lives for this country, from 1775 to 2010.

This afternoon, a facebook friend asked Scott McAdams about his position on DADT repeal, and another important issue in the LBGTQ communities. Here's what my friend wrote:

"Scott supports repeal of DADT and passage of ENDA. I was at the campaign office this afternoon, and asked."

Meanwhile, Teabagger Joe, where's your DD 214?


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Another one from just a couple of days ago makes a similar statement... Tony Auth - "Nobody asked. He'll never tell."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it work better for you if above the caption it was a picture of three Republicans? You do like using homosexual lifestyles to attack your enemies, right?