Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I didn't Do on September 11th - Part Three - No Resolution on Flight 175 Pictures

On September 11th, 2010, I posted this picture I made of a screenshot from one of the movies that were made on September 11th 2001, of United Airlines Flight 175, just before it hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The gist of my post was that I do not take the official report on the events of that awful day to be satisfying, and that I am not willing to believe any existing alternative theory as to how that awful day went down.

The reason I made the screen shot and posted it, is that the most troubling aspect of the attacks to me is the unexplained object on the bottom of the fuselage of that 767. From the images I have seen, both still and moving, there appears to be something rather large affixed under the right side of the fuselage, by the aft section of the starboard wing.

An anonymous commenter observed:

The thing under the plane's fuselage? What thing? I've seen clearer versions of this picture and others and all I see is fuselage. When someone shows you a picture and then says " look there at that cylinder, and see how something explodes as the nose of the plane touches the building", people have a tendency to want to agree there's something there. All I see is shadow on sunlight on a commercial jet tipped at an angle as the morning sun shines on it from the east.

I replied with an update of the post, noting in part:

I have never seen an image of Flight 175 on final approach that qualifies as a "clearer version of this picture" in which "all I see is fuselage." Nor a video that clearly shows nothing on the bottom of the fuselage. Here are four views, taken by different cameras, which show an attachment:
If one of these commenters can come up with a high quality image or video of Flight 175 on final approach that clearly shows an empty fuselage, rather than merely claiming he or she has seen one, please give its URL in the comments.

An anonymous commenter has now replied thusly:

Here's a fairly clear picture.

There are more here, including some that show the plane coming towards the building. See especially the one by Sean Adair of Reuters midway down the page.

I looked up the images on the links. I downloaded all the pictures. I then cut out all extraneous detail, leaving only the images of the aircraft themselves from the 12 photos in the links. I then created unaltered (in terms of pixellation and enhancement) sets of the twelve images. Here they are:
You can click on the composites to enlarge them.

If anything, the unaltered crop I made of the referenced image by Sean Adair, seems to show a couple of extra pixels underneath the fuselage, directly below and to the left of where the vertical stabilizer meets the fuselage at its top. And image 10, taken from an angle where no reflection would be possible shows a slight bit of additional bulk.

These photos offer nothing approaching the definitive proof I feel is still needed.

Somebody out there, please come up with an image that will erase my doubts.

These certainly do not.

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