Monday, September 6, 2010

Joe Miller - Pathological Liar

Joe Miller's campaign staff, after speaking with him right after the accidents he caused in Fairbanks on August 27th:

A Miller campaign spokesman said that Miller, an attorney, was not one of the drivers at fault. The former federal magistrate judge and Gulf War veteran was scheduled to argue in court Friday morning and had also agreed to be interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, according to campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto.

“We spoke about it briefly,” DeSoto said. “He said that he did some damage to his truck. I think he’s a little sore. We didn’t get a chance to talk about it a lot. From what Joe told me, it wasn’t his fault.

That's two claims that the "judge" who has never been a judge didn't cause the accident that the police have now cited Miller for having caused:

FAIRBANKS - U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has been issued a citation for his part in a three-vehicle accident that occurred Aug. 27 in Fairbanks. Another driver was also cited in the accident.

Alaska State Troopers cited Miller, 43, for “failing to exercise due care to avoid a collision.”

The accident occurred at about 7:30 a.m. on Geist Road.

And what about this "judge" stuff, and Miller's claim that he "stepped down from the bench" to indulge in politics:

Joe Miller has never been a judge; he has been a magistrate. A state judge is appointed by the Governor from candidates proposed by the Alaska Judicial Council. Joe Miller has been a candidate for a judgeship: the superior court in 2005, the seat Judge Robert Downes now holds. He withdrew his name just before the bar poll results came out: that’s usually an indication he was panned by his peers. A magistrate is appointed by the court to do ministerial tasks. A federal magistrate is much the same.

In his bio, Miller says, “In 2004, Miller stepped down from the bench to run for State Representative.” He was never on the bench; he was never a judge. He ran for the superior court, although he quit before he got fairly started.

He says in his campaign website he has lived in Alaska for 16 years. He told the Judicial Council in March 2005 he had “been an Alaska resident for 10 years, and has practiced law for 9 years. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1995.” So if he graduated from Yale in May or June of 1995, in March of 2005 he had lived in Alaska for something less than ten years. And in 2010 he’s lived in Alaska 15 years, not 16 years. Yale is in New Haven, Connecticut, not Alaska.

Miller also says in his bio, “He has represented clients in a wide variety of cases, a number of which have gone all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court.” As it turns out, “a number” is two reported Alaska Supreme Court decisions, one when he was part-timing at the Borough Attorneys’ Office and one domestic relations case.

I'd like to see our Alaska media really get off their butts and begin to intensely scrutinize this pathological liar. They could begin, by finding out what Miller's blackberry was doing at 7:30 a.m. on August 27th.


womanwithsardinecan said...

Sarah with a beard. Ethics and honesty sure are hard to come by these days.

Anonymous said...

Miller appears to be another unethical liar who doesn't take responsibility for the things he does. It's always someone else who's at fault, not him. Methinks he wears the cloak of Jesus to fend off his critics and attract vulnerable religious believers.

Taking lessons from the Palin, I guess.

Anonymous said...

In the Federal Judicial system a Magistrate is a type of Judge and referred to as such. Any attorney who has practiced federal law will confirm this. Yes, Joe was a federal Judge.

Fault will be determined at trial. Joe may very well be found to be criminally guilty and civilly liable. But, maybe not, have to wait. either way BFD

You are probably right that Joe did not score well on the BAR poll. Conservative attorneys never seem to so well on BAR polls.

Phil, you got nothing and you are losing credibility every day. Keep crying wold and only BlueAlaskan will listen.

Anonymous said...

I'm red. I'm listening.

Philip Munger said...

"Fault will be determined at trial."

He's contesting the ticket? You've got to be kidding, my friend.

Added a few followers today, and a number of fb buddies...

Philip Munger said...

...and now a red buddy @ 3:40.

Ratfish said...

A federal magistrate judge is appointed by federal district judges to assist them. A magistrate judge does mainly civil matters, and does not conduct trials for felonies.

Joe Miller's continued use of the the term, without providing the details, is intended to imply that he was a real federal judge presiding over serious crimes.

Sort of like him saying he won't accept out of state money, except from the Koch brothers-funded Tea Party Express to bash Lisa Murkowski with $500,000 of lies and more from the NRSC to come.

Or sort of like Bill Clinton saying he didn't have sex with that woman.

wakeUpAmerica said...

Narcissism and lack of ethics seem to be the credentials required to be elected in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Anytime, ANYTIME, a vehicle is rear ended the driver at the rear, the one with the front end damage only, that is the one who was at fault. The day this was reported and it was said that he had run into another car but it wasn't his fault I just laughed. Of course it wasn't his fault. He is a lawyer after all. But he will loose if he is stupid enough to contest the ticket, and his insurance is headed up. He was obviously otherwise involved than driving at the accident scene and methinks his texting account would show use at the time of the accident. either that or he was doing a five day shave thing in his mirror so he could look all Alaska-y and tuff. but mr no chin was certainly at fault. Liar.

Anonymous said...

Keep the spotlight on Mrs. Palin's protege, Phil. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Read more about Joe Miller here:

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 5:15:

when I do some more blog housekeeping, I'll list wickersham conscience with the other progressive alaska blogs.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

I've witnessed a three-car pile-up where later the driver of the middle vehicle claimed that he was pushed from behind into the lead car. Didn't happen that way at all, of course.

Anonymous said...

what's the problem? "2" is a number right? [/snark]
Miller stretches the truth on just about everything. On their own they don't sound so bad - tell people you've lived in Alaska 10 years when it's been 9 and something. Put them all together and they become habitual lying. The one that troubles me is the story about being a badly disabled veteran. What is his disability? As an officer and West Point grad, if he was able enough to go to law school, why wasn't he given a staff assignment in the Army? Why was he discharged? Keep digging, Miller has a story that doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

"Miller has a story that doesn't add up."

--- about as nice a face as one can put on him at this point, but quite true.

Phil Munger from mobile

Anonymous said...

Yeah Joe or Alaska / MSM, how exactly is he 'disabled' from combat? I'd like that fact verified. If it's PTSD, well, that 'phantom' illness is something the baggers and fiscal /social conservatives simply won't stand for.

frsbdg said...

Sounds like this incident is a metaphor for Joe Miller as a U.S. Senator: wreck it, then claim it wasn't his fault.

Anonymous said...

Um, speaking of liars. What happened to your post with the handwritten sign?

Anonymous said...

classic progressivist rhetorical device: shrew shrilly at top of lung with accusations of those things of which you your progressivist self are most guilty. it will cloud the waters for the innocent and serve to brainwash yourself and all other weak-minded ninnies in range.