Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joshua Saul's Photo Says All You Need to Know

The Alaska Dispatch's Joshua Saul covered the early afternoon 9-11 "rally" at the Wasilla Sports Complex. The article estimated 300 people attended. Probably about 250 of them were pro-Palin/Miller. The rest were most likely curious onlookers and opponents seeking to gather information.

I was going to go, but Judy talked me out of it. Thanks, dear! Once again, you were right.

I've been to a lot of events at the sports complex that drew far more people than this thing did. If they announced a Tupperware sale held there, it might draw 400. Hockey games and grade school basketball games regularly draw this many.

Part of the reason I thought of going is that I thought the event might draw 1,00 people, after all the publicity it has gotten locally, regionally and nationally.

What a Jo(k)e.

Here's one of the many hostile comments (hostile to the Palin/Miller Teabagger machine) at Josh's article:

Posted By: KarenJ @ 09.11.2010 3:49 PM
"Joe Miller is the caliber of man that should be in the White House."

Yeah, in the grand tradition of Republican cheaters and liars who have gone before him.

There is significant evidence that Joe Miller might have violated FEC campaign finance laws, to the tune of

Twelve days before the primary, his website made this statement:

From The Trenches: “Our home grown, volunteer campaign is still operating on a shoestring budget with absolutely nothing going to waste. If your resources will permit it, one more donation may make all the difference in the world in these final few days...“In order for Joe to keep campaigning he needs funds. So far the Lord has always provided the money in this grass roots campaign, and this time God is going to use you to provide!
It cost a lot of money to run a clean campaign and we all know that Joe's campaign isn't receiving any monies from corporations or from out of State entities.”

Report excerpted from "that German blog":

Nowhere reflected in the Joe Miller For US Senate (C00482117) official FEC pre-primary report is the $587,729 he received from the Tea Party Express PAC “Our Country Deserves Better.” But it is right there, in black and white, in the OCDB’s FEC Campaign Finance Reports.

During the same time period reflected in the Joe Miller for US Senate Pre-Primary Report (7/1-8/4, filed on 8/12) wherein he states he received no PAC money, the "Our Country Deserves Better PAC -" report tells a different story:

The disbursements on behalf of Joe Miller, clearly marked as benefiting him, begin on Page 1142 with a $15,000 expenditure to “Creative Culcha” located in Granite Bay, CA. And continue to accumulate in the aggregate amount of over $115,500 for this time period, mostly to Tea Party Express operative Russo & Marsh - although in his own FEC report, "Joe Miller for U.S. Senate" claimed to have received no PAC money at all!

Just thought you'd like to know about Honest Joe Miller.

Jesse Griffin from The Immoral Minority also went, and posted a short article. He's going to tonight's event at the Dena'ina Center too, so will most likely post a long synopsis after these Teabaggers are done crapping on the memory of 9-11 victims. I was going to actually go to the Beck event too, but - thanks, again, Judy. For the price of entry to listen to these idiots, I can buy three tickets to hear Zuill Bailey play J.S. Bach next weekend. One commenter at Jesse's post writes:

So we dressed my American Indian relative up as a white man and sent him off to the Wasilla rally. Please white folks, take no offense. We mean no offense at all. We are dealing with the patriot group out in Wasilla. We live out here. Experience dictates that the indigenous must protect themselves. Going incognito means less rude comments and rude shoves won't happen.

The report I got was there was guns, bibles and prayer. In that order. Also, it seemed like there was more time spent milling around or basically attempting to get close to "worst govenor ever", than honoring those that lost their lives in the Twin Towers. He said the singing filled in the gaps.

After gathering in the federally funded sports center, they started to drive to Anchorage on the federally funded Parks Highway.

image - Joshua Saul, Alaska Dispatch

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honestyinGov said...

Boy... Phil, that Photo tells ALL the story you need to know. And I thought WGE actually had Friends in her own Hometown. THAT's embarrassing.
And looking at the number of people there.... we have THAT many people in line and in the waiting room of our local CA DMV Office.