Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As FOX News Pod People Invade Alaska to Shill for Joe the Teabagger, a Reminder on Their M.O.

Linda Kellen Biegel writes this morning at The Mudflats on the invasion of the Pod FOX people, as they seek to make the Joe Miller U.S. Senate campaign the most visible in the country:

What I saw Tuesday at the absentee ballot counting at the Anchorage Regional Office of the Division of Elections was aonly a precursor to what we can expect from the Miller Campaign…and only a mild version compared what they’ll do to actual Democrats! When I got there, Fox News had already flown in and set up shop outside.

Monday, Jesse Griffin at The Immoral Minority showed how Joe the Teabagger has been able to use Sarah Palin's Wasilla FOX News studio for the issuance of some of his accusations that Sen. Lisa Murkowski's campaign was tampering with the count of late ballots:Here's Jesse:

No matter WHERE Palin is broadcasting from, THAT is what you always see behind her.

And now that is the same thing you see behind Joe the Teabagger.

And not only that but Miller also has the exact same Sarah Palin paranoia about the GOP and mistrust of the media. He even went so far as to have Sarah Palin's pet attack attorney write a letter asking for the State Troopers to be posted outside of election headquarters in case somebody tries to steal back the election that he finagled away from Murkowski. Paranoid much?

Wow! Same backdrop, same attorney, same paranoia, hmmm. Has anybody actually SEEN Sarah Palin and Joe Miller at the same time? I mean if Palin deepened her voice, didn't shave for a couple of days, and bought a more realistic looking wig they could almost be the same person.

Ah, FOX News and the Koch Brothers bringing you a poster child campaign on how the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizen's United vs the Federal Election Commission has screwed the citizens. But, but - wait! How dare anyone accuse FOX and its on-air personalities of deception!

I apologize. I must have gone overboard. It makes me want to cry, thinking of how far over the line such an accusation is:

images - Linda Kellen Biegel and Immoral Minority

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Anonymous said...

leaked video? it's a fucking photo shoot so what! gads it's not some sort of important news you clowns have leaked. too fucking funny.