Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rasmussen: Miller Down from 47% in PPP Poll, 50% in Early Rasmussen to 42% in Today's Rassie Poll

Prior to information emerging late yesterday that Fairbanks divorce attorney Joe Miller took thousands of dollars in Federal farm subsidies for apparently doing nothing on Kansas farm land while Miller resided in Alaska, a new Rasumussen Poll shows him losing 8 points in support in 18 days, in the first post-Murkowski write-in campaign poll made public. At this rate, Miller could easily be in the 30-something point area soon, should media questions about why he was discharged early from his military obligation reveal more about the pattern of evasiveness so uncomfortably shown in his responses to investigations by The Mudflats and The Alaska Dispatch.

The Miller campaign's response to queries from The Dispatch on the subsidy payments show a disturbing trend from a candidate who is already fully disliked by 52% of Alaska's voting public:

[Miller spokesman Randy] DeSoto said that it was standard practice for farmers to receive the subsidies in Kansas and that the nation was in a much better financial situation at the time that Miller received the funds.

“This was back in the 90’s, the situation the country was in was far different than now,” he said.

Hey, Joe! I just pulled out my well-thumbed copy of the U.S. Constitution. I'm looking for the constitutional argument for taking Federal farm subsidies for not growing anything, and living a few thousand miles away from the land. Looking in the index for the term "standard practice," I'm drawing a blank, Joe.

Joe's lies and distortions about his past and present bode ill for the Tea Party prima donna. The only things he has going for him at this point are the supine nature of Alaska's mainstream media outlets, especially the Anchorage Daily News, and the Alaska voting public's strange love affair, amply demonstrated over the years, for crooks and liars.

Hats off to The Mudflats and The Alaska Dispatch for their work on this.

Democratic Party nominee Scott McAdams has a tough fight ahead, as the Rasmussen poll clearly indicates. But the Murkowski campaign is just getting started, and their target will not be Sitka Mayor McAdams. As a commenter at Daily Kos observed the other day, briefly encapsulating Murkowski's probable motive for fighting on:

She wants to fuck up Palin and the dude that called her a whore...

Stay tuned. There is no way in the world Joe the Teabagger's negatives are going down at this point in the race.


Anonymous said...

Heh...way to bend the numbers. The first poll only had Miller and McAdams in it and showed Miller only 6 points ahead of McAdams. Now this poll shows Miller losing 8 points to Mukowsky but shows McAdams losing about 20 points to Murkowsky.

So, if anything, this poll shows Miller in a much safer position after Murowsky's entry than before.

majii said...

I believe the major purpose of the post was to compare Miller's before Murkowski write-in poll numbers, to his numbers after she announced her write-in candidacy. I think McAdams' numbers were not included because both Murkowski and Miller are vying for the chance to be the GOP candidate selected to go to Congress in January, and McAdams doesn't have an opponent.

You, anon@ 10:55 AM, are the one who decided to take a dump on the post for no reason other than to attempt to hijack it and take a shot at McAdams for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

Heh...The point is that Miller is down only 8 points with Murkwsky jumping in. If anything it shows that Miller's support is very solid at just over 40%. Most of Murkowsky's support came at the expense of McAdams rather than Miller. Obviously with both McAdams and Murkowsky in the race Miller is in good shape. One of the two will drop out. I predict it will be McAdams.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for McAdams to drop out. He won HIS primary fair and square. If people are so foolish as to vote for Murkowski and assure a win for Miller, then they get what they deserve.

Murkowski is no prize. I can't understand why anyone would vote for her at this point.


Anonymous said...

The troll count seems high for the small number of comments.

Maybe there is something they like here? On the other hand there may be some facts that they seem impelled to refudiate at every chance. It seems more the latter than the former.

No reason to look to the constitution to try to fathom the actions of these wannabee leedurrs. Just remember- if it is money, can be sold for money, runs fast,is loud, looks like what they seen on the teevee or the utubes, or is small enough to drag home and give to the relatives- then they want some now.

Grift is grift and they all get the drift, the copy of the constitution they refer to is just a prop. Theyn shore as shootin out o season mooce dont kno what that book saize. But itz good to talk about with the friends at Faux Newze.

If you actually got past a bar exam- then you are just making it up as you go for the rubes who are about to vote for you.

Does he really claim to have a disability?