Thursday, September 30, 2010

Murkowski's Ads - A Lot of Villages Could Use the $$$ She's Spending to "Educate" Alaskans - for Their Schools

Here are the three Lisa Murkowski ads currently running:

Essentially, by failing to take Joe the Teabagger seriously back in July, she's now forced to spend 2/3 of her campaign resources on "educating Alaskans" on how to fill in a write-in candidate's name on the November 2nd ballot.

At first glance, the ads appear to be effective. The challenge is formidable, as no write-in candidate for statewide office has ever been successful here before.

The amount of money Murkowski will be spending on her "education program" could rebuild three village schools in the impoverished Wade Hampton census district.

Meanwhile critiques of the methodologies on recent Alaska US Senate race polls are beginning to roll in, even as Miller's popularity seems to be in a free fall down to its inevitable base of the 25% of Alaskans who would prefer a pregnant 12-year mom die bearing her dad's kid than see the fetus terminated.

Joe's their guy, and he knows it.


Anonymous said...

Well, let's be fair. How many village schools could be built with Joe Miller's outside money? I'm no Lisa fan, but this is a very cheap shot and a disingenuous post. I'm very disappointed in you, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Or any politician's money? It's a bit late to be disgusted at the waves of cash wasted on political campaigns--particularly if you're not going to be genuine enough to point the finger at everyone.

Philip Munger said...


She's having to spend it this way now because she didn't spend wisely in August.

and I agree with you on Miller's outside $$$. We'll be stuck with this until we have meaningful campaign finance reform, and corporate personhood has been revoked or rationally truncated.

Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo said...

Despite my unequivocal support for Scott, I must admit I'd love to see a Palin-inspired spot encouraging voters to spell out Murkowski on their hands. Image the Grifter Granny's RAGE if Lisa won under such circumstances.

Anonymous said...


Love the idea!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see people chanting Lisa's name spelling in a cheer!

Chelsea Clinton's father in law had a cool ad about pronouncing his name back in the '70's when he ran for so
something. Do you have it?

On the spending, if Lisa suddenly donated all her campaign cash to village schools, some doners would be slightly peeved. That money goes back into the economy and gets taxed. Some (dare I presume local?) actors and directors got paid and it's a good thing. I spent $ on a coffee this AM-- are you going to blast me for that when that $3 special could have been spent on my kids? Your comment is a cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

This might not be happening if So called Alaskan progressives SM & AKM hadn't told everyone to vote for Joe Miller!
WTH were they thinking? That is exactly how palin got elected.
Now scrambling for McAdams?

Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo said...

Apparently, I wasn't alone in my thinking...