Saturday, September 11, 2010

What I Didn't Do on September 11th - Part One

I didn't go to the Jo(k)e the Teabagger event at which Sarah Palin "surprised" everyone by actually showing up. The Sea of Pee "actually" has a post up that is touting this as a genuine surprise. (This may be the first time PA has linked to that fan shrine)

Good fucking grief!

Answer me, C4P, how many new ways can you find to shit on the memory of 9-11? I'm sure that next year, the 10th anniversary, you will outdo yourself even more.

Everyone within 500 miles knew the quitter had to be there. Yet less people showed up than at many of my Valley band concerts over the 13 years I was privileged to lead them in Wasilla.


Anonymous said...

When did Sarah use her Blackberry to Google some salient points to read about 9/11?

When is Sarah going to start off her speech's with: "Stop me if you heart this one. . ."

Anonymous said...

O/T - Excellent new article in THE NATION about Rand Paul, the GOP, Libertarians, and the Tea Party. Might have extrapolations relatable to Miller/Murkowski.,0,0,1

Anonymous said...

Gryphen said it was " Oh, look who's here, what a surprise!" and then she got and stage and apologized for being late. She can't keep her lies straight