Friday, September 10, 2010

Gouging Rubes: An American Fleecing

Let me paraphrase the founder of Glenn Beck University, where History 101 doesn't plan on teaching kids that August 28th and September 11th are important enough days in the American lexicon to not gouge them with sleazy events tied to slimy so-called "non-profits."

I don't think anybody in their right mind is going to ever say this out loud, but I wonder if I'm the only one that feels this way. You know, it took me about 20 years to start hating what has become the craziest part of the neo-fascist right that personalities like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Joe Miller represent in the way they portray themselves constantly as victims. Took me about 20 years.

And I had such compassion for them initially, and really, you know, I wanted to help 'em, and I was like 'Let's give 'em money or at least get them into therapy, you know, and all of this stuff, and I'm thinking - you know all the countless GOP figures who constantly are claiming themselves to be victims, whether it is Palin having to add ten feet on top of her fence, or Larry Craig having to hire a lawyer, or Vic Kohring not being able to get his daughter an Easter egg, or Joe Miller having an election stolen from him, or Joe Miller being singled out for an accident ticket because he's running for the Senate, or - you know what I mean - I don't hate any of them.

Not even one of them.

But when I see, ya know, a GOP celebrity/political figure brazenly lie on Television, or twitter or facebook or a fan shrine or whatever, I'm just like, "Oh - SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I am so sick of them because they're always complaining.

And we did our BEST for 'em.

It's only about 500 or maybe 5,000 GOP complainers out there, with billions of post Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission bucks behind them.


I only wish I could help them get into some decent therapy. And off of our backs.

hat tips to punaise and Shannyn Moore


Anonymous said...

Can I concur any louder??? Argh

AKjah said...

Was driving up the highway today and saw Miller signs in front of a few buisnesses. Now i know where not to do buisness. And it aint right- left politics. It means they are too stupid that i will not use them. So what we have is -right-left-and stupid. Perhaps as a state we could donate an uninhabited island and the Paliban an Taliban could go there an duke it out. I would pick middleton.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Scott should step down and Lisa should switch parties and run in his place. That would be almost a certain win.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain why SOWF is a "slimy so called" charity? Charity Navigator gives them a four star rating (, and they spend over 80% of their dough on programs. They also existed long before Glen Beck. Even Time Magazine doesn't have something bad to say about SOWF other than that their mission may now be redundant with parts of the new GI Bill (

I guess I'm too slow to figure out how your evidence (their tax return) supports your claim. Just because Beck supports them doesn't mean they are not a charity or are evil. I mean, Beck also wears ties. Does that mean that ties are bad too? You can think that Beck is an idiot while recognizing that the charity is pretty legit and probably not a money laundering scheme as you imply.

If you don't like the idea of glorifying military service, of helping out military kids whose parents have died in the line of duty, or whatever, that's fine. Just say that; nobody expects anti-war activists to support the troops, so you won't alienate your readership. There's no reason to use name calling though.