Friday, October 1, 2010

Sean Parnell - The Tax and Spend Candidate

--- by Ethan Berkowitz

I can't believe Sean Parnell. Even the conservative press doesn't buy his nonsense. Look at what the Anchorage Daily Planet said about Sean just this week:

"Cut government spending? He's kidding, right? With skyrocketing operating budgets? With an election year capital budget that soared to new heights? With government bloated beyond anything we will be able to support when oil goes south?"

Sean Parnell is the tax and spend candidate and he's just not being honest with Alaska voters about his record.

I need your help. I need the resources to get our message out about the Alaskan Ownership Stake and set the story straight about Sean Parnell's record. Today is the final day of the reporting period. It's a critical day for the campaign.

If you've helped, I need you to help one more time. If you've been meaning to contribute and haven't done it yet, please do it now. Contribute $10, $25 or more by midnight!

There's more about Sean Parnell that Alaskan voters need to know. Alaskan voters need to know that it was Sean Parnell that abandoned Alaska when we were headed for disaster so he could work as the lawyer-lobbyist for the oil companies. Specifically, Parnell worked for the firm that helped Exxon evade responsibility for the Exxon Valdez disaster. And, Parnell wasn't the one who worked with a bipartisan group to protect Alaska's oil future when oil was at $9 a barrel. I did.

I can't get the word out about the difference between Sean Parnell and myself without your help. I need you to invest $10, $25 or more by midnight to defeat Sean Parnell.

This is a race we can win. Alaskans won't stand for politics as usual in Juneau. We're ready for independent leaders who will work across party lines with a vision and plan to move our state forward. Together, we can shake up Juneau.

Thanks again for your support,


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