Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe the Teabagger on Eliminating the Federal Minimum Wage


Anonymous said...

oh criminy...
He's a stupenagle!
Without federal minimum wage laws many states would not have enacted any at all...
or would have taken many more years to do so.


Wolfe Tone said...

I really don't think Joe Miller is stupid.

A fraud and a hypocrite, yes.

He's saying what plays well to his base, and he's pretty sure that if he keeps them pumped up, and gets them to the polls, he'll receive the requisite 35-40% of the vote he needs to win.

It's a bit disheartening.

Anonymous said...

Are there Brazillian fascials?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mr Miller is not stupid, Wolfe Tone.
He is not, however, genuinely smart.
At this point in his campaign he is relying on broad statements to keep his base in his tail-wind and so far no one has called him out publically on this latest horsepunky.

He has provided no clear picture of his personal and public philosophy during this campaign other than to spout snippets of neoliberal dogma and tenther arguments.
The latest squib, delivered outside Alaska, about federal minimum wage deserves some real thought.
1-Most minimum wage law in states prior to the federal wage law was struck down by the Supreme Court.
2-States retain the right to exceed the federal minimum wage amongst other things but the fed retains the right to regulate businsses under the commerce clause of the Constitution amongst other things.
Is Mr Miller seriously proposing we return to a time of uncertain wage ( minimum wage is not living wage- he skips right on by that ) law between the fed and the states? Why? What benefit would it provide American workers?
Is this a pipe dream to bring poorly paid off-shore jobs back to America? If we ignore Congress' right and RESPONSIBILITY to manage interstate commerce in relation to workers, what are we doing?
Who benefits? Corporate America? Businesses who want certainty for themselves but could care less about the American worker?
What will stand in the way of re-creating American sweatshops...?